Thursday, July 22, 2010

Stop this senseless killing : Canned Hunting.

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[This mail was sent to me by HSI.  Please do your litle part to save the animals.  Remember, a little will add up to much.]

Dear Concerned Readers,

People visit South Africa to experience the rich diversity of wildlife there. Unfortunately, not all tourists come with the intention of taking photographs. Some come to kill wild animals so that they may take them home as prizes. They are trophy hunters.

In South Africa, thousands of lions are bred, reared and held in captivity for the purpose of canned hunting. On canned hunts, shooters are led to feeding and watering stations where the semi-tame and fenced-in prey make easy targets. Please help ensure this practice is not promoted by South Africa's tourism ministry.

Fortunately, South Africa's new Minister of Tourism has been outspoken in the past against canned lion hunting, declaring it a "rogue" and "reprehensible" practice. When he worked for the Ministry of the Environment, he introduced new regulations to ban canned lion hunts, but these regulations have yet to be implemented. The canned lion hunting industry appealed, bringing things to a standstill. The case will hopefully be considered by the end of this year, but until then, canned lion hunting in South Africa continues.

We need your help to urge the Minister of Tourism in South Africa to keep speaking out against canned hunting. He recently released a new tourism strategy for the country which touts the idea of responsible tourism. This was a perfect opportunity to promote "humane tourism"; yet abolishing canned hunting was not mentioned.

As a South African who has followed a family tradition and dedicated my life to saving animals, it saddens me to see my country permitting this kind of needless cruelty. Please join us in asking South Africa's Department of Tourism to include "humane tourism" as part of their new responsible tourism strategy. Wildlife tourism brings in significant amounts of revenue for the country and to ignore this in their overall strategy will ultimately affect their tourism goals and drive people away from South Africa. Submit your comments on their tourism plan by July 30th.

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Andrew Rowan

President & CEO

Humane Society International


A true Malaysian said...

Some people are worse than animal, Justin.

Their excuse, animals are created for human by God, for food, for hunting, for slaughtering.

God, God and God is their excuse for these inhumane acts.

bow said...

Those sicko come to Africa continent to hunt animals for 'fun', Africa's safari has long provided westerners a pleasure seeking hunting ground to test their shooting skill, there are many various types of animals in their wilderness for hunters to practice their sport. Of course there are many worst type of mankind in this world, lower than the kingdom of animal and many lifeforms. There is nothing new about it.

Justin Choo said...

ATM and bow,

I would say 100% Caucasians in this case; not that other races are incapable of such despicable cruel act.

I hope you go to the link and send the message.

bow said...

Justin, all these pleasure hunting are legal in Africa continent by respective government because the activity provide 'fun' to their $$ loaded western tourists, as you know, most of those African officials are corrupt lot that permit such a cruel entertainment in their land for tourists money sake, so how can you expect those 'Mat Salleh' to behave otherwise; since they are given a free hand to do whatever they please in African soil because African want their cash.

Anonymous said...

That is this one thing call "complicity" in our civilize world, the Caucasians can't go around their pleasure hunting 'sport' in Africa continent if these is no government partner in Africa that allow such a barbaric custom from practicing there, then the cage hunting of small lion will not be materialized. It is the responsibility of national official to take strong measures against such brutality on animals and pass stiff law to punish those sicko and consider these acts as capital crime if necessary.


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