Tuesday, April 5, 2011

One-sentence open letter to Mr Lee Kuan Yew

Dear Mr Lee,

In your twilight years, please show mercy and compassion for Yong Vui Kong.


Justin Choo

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A true Malaysian said...

There shall come at a point in time that we seek for compassion and mercy, but before we reach that stage, we must be compassionate and merciful to others as much we can at any point in time.

I have said enough on this at your previous postings on this boy. Could you post a link to this post, Justin?

Justin Choo said...


Links added in the post.

A true Malaysian said...

Again we see here no one cares about this boy.

What others learned from their religion, I wonder.

Compassion? Mercy? To many, these are 'one way' streets, i.e. from the Almighty to them, not from them to others.

Ignorance? Arrogance? Shame on you people. Throw away your beliefs, that will be better.

Justin Choo said...


I told you so. I don't have local readers here. Nowadays, they came from Search Engines, which means I have worldwide readers, instead!

bow said...

LKY had said he is in no position to grant clemency, it is in the hand of Appeal court or President of Singapore, you are asking an impossible request from the former leader of Singapore. You need to understand this island nation is a nation of law, the rule stated clearly clemency for death sentence in Singapore can only come from the above two sources, hopefully you can understand that. LKY glory day is way past this present time, he is rich but doesn't has the power to give clemency anymore like the old day.

Justin Choo said...


I am surprised at your opinion. Everyone knows who calls the shots in Singapore.

bow said...

I don't know every one thinking mind, Justin, it is impossible for me to know that. The fact is LKY glory day of power is over, he is not a president but prime minister, even during his helm in the past. The constitution of Singapore is as clear as it is, what other think is not always right! The high court of Singapore had been clear on that clemency power ever since especially this convict is a Malaysian, his life may well less worthy than A Singaporean in the eye of political elite.

bow said...

Even if LKY can use his influence to intervene, the president of S'pore may get angry that his clemency power is circumvented by LKY, who know what'll happen next? Your request is going down the drain as far as LKY is concerned. Justin.

Anonymous said...

When is this young man need to face his maker? another week, mr Justin??


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