Monday, April 4, 2011

Save Yong Vui Kong

(The Court of Appeal has dismissed the latest appeal made by 23-year-old Malaysian national, Yong Vui Kong, for his execution to be stayed.

On Jan 17 this year, Vui Kong's counsel M.Ravi had made an appeal for his client's execution to be stayed on the grounds that he had been denied a fair clemency process and called for judicial review of the clemency plea.

When asked what the next step will be, Ravi told Yahoo! Singapore that it will be to seek clemency from the Cabinet which will take around 6 months. It will take an estimated three months to file the clemency and another 3 months for the Cabinet to respond to the appeal, he added.

The lawyer also said that he will file a complaint to the Human Rights Council next week and will be making a request for the Malaysian government to intervene and apply for the stay of execution for Vui Kong through the International Court of Justice (ICJ).

“We are going to fight and fight till the last day,” said Ravi.)

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It is very sad to read about this decision.  Can't we have some compassion?  Can't they just imagine that if this person were their son or loved one??  Yes, a "crime" had been committed.  Can we just show some mercy as human beings with conscience? 


bow said...

Justin, don't count on that to happen. Singapore political elite is in no mood to feel compassion for a young mule that is too novice to know he was used by drug cartel to smuggle drug into island state. They are more inclined to give clemency and compassion to a wealthy and affluence foreigner than a poor guy like him. It is the character of Singapore as a nation, $$ is the first and formost trademark and beachmark for everything in their daily life.

Anonymous said...

According to his lawyer, Yong's rights to petition for clemency from Singapore President is violated due to the fact that before the judicial due process clause is allowed to take its course, Singapore's cabinet minister already make a decision to turn down his request well before the lawyer hand in his request for clemency to the president.

The last resort for his lawyer now is to petition Malaysian government to act on its citizen behalf to ask the international court of Justice to intervene base on the presumtipon that the defendant rights to due process as Malaysian is violated by a foreign state and Singapore law minister had acted inproperly in rendering his opinion before the petition.

Anonymous said...

Expecting compassion on a Malaysian's life from Lee elder is too much of a request from you, since when Malaysian life is worthy of mercy in the eye of political ruling elite from Singapore. My friend! Unless you are "Mat Salleh" with plenty of $$ inside the Singapore bank, the president of Singapore and the law minister can't give out compassion for nothing on a poor second class citizen of Malaysia.

bow said...

Yes, if Yong is the child of a Malaysian minister or wealthy foreigner, then may be the president of Singapore or the cabinet will show mercy to spare his life, but he is nothing except is a poor and non bumi young man from Sabah.

Yes, he committed a drug crime, he deserve punishment, but hanging him is not going to prevent Singaporean from using drug or going to stop drug cartel from using young man or woman to smuggle drug into Singapore in the future, by sentenced him for life in prison over the 47 grams of heroin is indeed a very severe punishment for a young offender like him, he will never feel freedom again while in prison until the day he die, it should be good enough for every fair minded person, but not Singapore law minister and President. Only God deliver mercy not Singapore man!!


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