Saturday, April 4, 2009

Our National Flower

The above photo is from my blogger friend "Novice 101". You can view it full size HERE. I think it is not 100% focused. But it is still a striking close-up.

Coincidentally, this morning while I was at the local market, I bought one plant bearing two very large and bright scarlet hybrid flowers. I just couldn't resist it, so I came home RM25 poorer, but richer in possessing something I really enjoy admiring. I planted it this afternoon next to another hybrid with bright yellow colour.

Yes, the colourful hybrid Hibiscus comes in various shapes and colours, always very large in blooms. I think the above looks like the one I bought.

Novice 101 took another shot which is definitely the local variety. See below:

This belongs to the local variety which our country has adopted as our National Flower. The shot was well taken; but the subject was nothing to shout about when compared with the hybrids!!!

I wonder why the large beautiful hybrid variety was not chosen.


novice101 said...

Many thanks for the tips, didn't choose the larger hybrid variety because there was none where I went.

A true Malaysian said...


Hibiscus flowers can be used to boil "Hibiscus drink" which I heard rich in anti-oxidant value.

When the water is boiled, throw in the hibiscus flowers (of course after cleaning) for a while, then let it cooled and chill in refrigerator.

After that, squeeze some lime into it, the colour will immediately turn into reddish colour. The more hibiscus flowers, the deeper the reddish colour.

I consume it very often. No harm trying. You can try google this to get more information.

Justin Choo said...

A true Malaysian,

I think I came across some commercial product using Hibiscus.

Thanks for the info.


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