Thursday, April 9, 2009

Only thieves sneak through the back door!

Only thieves sneak through the back door!

Where toilets are situated.

And rubbish is also found.


novice101 said...

Wow, my friend, the flies will gather where the rubbish is.

A true Malaysian said...

LOL, you cheer my day, Justin.

Gracie said...

Justin Timberlake,

I'm near falling off my chair again! What have you done to your head? And that goatee of yours!

Goodness, my heart skips a beat! I need an ambulance and Dr Hsu again!


kenny said...

But this one goes through the hole of the out house. cheers mate.

Fishhook said...

Wah. New look ah.

KTK has no integrity. Probably had to beg Najib for it because so long without high paying job liau.

cilyhot said...

wow wow,Justin,very very un zen post!!!!!Did losing your hair did that?????However I agreed 100% with you!!!A man with honour will not accept minister post by the backdoor when your voters reject you.BUT do not forget,its bolehland here!!!

sinnerconman said...

Hey shinning head with goatee!

Koh finally ate his words. He turned himself into a thief sneaking in through the back door.

Thanks and cheers!


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