Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The New China

I simply like these two photos. Pretty girls with patroitic mission!

Since I cannot resist admiring them, I have obtained permission from Saudara James Wong to "copy & paste" them here, together with his comments. You can go to his blog "Clare Street" by clicking

Thank you James for the kind permission.

Sixteen female pilots of the fighter jets of PLA's Air Force have been assigned to demonstrate their skills at the military parade to be held in Beijing on 1 October to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the inauguration of New China. The liberation and also empowerment of women has been a very important agenda of the Chinese Revolution.

The highlight of the 60th anniversary of the founding of New China in Beijing on 1 October is doubtlessly the military parade of the People's Liberation Army, People's Armed Police and People's Militia which also consist of a significant number of women. In the feudal past, women were oppressed, marginalised and not treated as being equal to men.


A true Malaysian said...


You are really good, in girls, hahaha.

By the way, when you see PLA marching, they are the best. I am impressed. Now with more girls in PLA, they make it more colourful and lively, that's for sure.

Justin Choo said...


I've watched the parade on film when I was in NZ way back in the 70's shown by the NZ China Society. It was during Mao's time. You've got to see it to really feel it. The parade was without music. on purpose I suppose, just to concentrate on the sound of thousands of marching steps, and the chanting of "Long Live Chairman Mao". You could see tears streaming down from the eyes of the participants.

It was the greatest show on earth!
And the coming one will be as well!

monsterball said...

Yes he likes pretty girls.
He is quite gatal....never really hide that.
That's why his friends like him..including itchfy monks......plenty around.
These Chinese soldiers may look fragile and weak...but once you confront them...their kingfu fighting is second to watch out..stay far away from them....unless they want you.

Anonymous said...

There is no Chinese woman three star general or chief of arm forces in China military history, isn't that gender discrimination too, since you can also say they are not treated equal by the communist party ??

bow said...

Hopefully China can have more women army, navy and air force recruits, so that they have the military might to invade all SEA and turn them into communist provinces. Indo-china is not so resources rich compare to SEA. Then you will know how pretty these Chinese women look when they are guarding the road block check point in Malaysia . haha...

Justin Choo said...


"Then you will know how pretty these Chinese women look when they are guarding the road block check point in Malaysia ."

Then driving will be a pleasure!!


monsterball said...

Strange he can look at pretty girls while driving...yet no driving to an embarrassing drive straight to the wall of a traffic jam...nothing to avoid...get bonnet pop up.

bow said...

Justin, since our dear doctor complain about traffic jam all the time in our city, i have to offer him this better alternative as a way to solve this rising problem in Malaysia. With Chinese women soldiers guarding the road block to reduce his pain of driving during his journey to the clinic. haha....

monsterball said...

Anon...You are wrong.
There are many women generals in China......all working hard and serious..all Justin dare not give second fear and ugly.
It's the pretty sexy ones...that cannot become generals.....for China have better things for them to do..than stay in the hot sun...or exposed to HINI flu.
Those are the kinds that catch Justin attention.
Those lining for one time...for Justine to inspect and have sore eyes....can see ....cannot get.

Anonymous said...

monsterball, I have seen many communist party assembly and parade, no where a woman general ever appeared among those big shot communists or leading a marching group of Chinese warriors, if they are existed like you said, then they must be only present in a close door meeting sitting on the lap of those communists big shots inside China. harharhar....!!!!

monsterball said...

Must China show there are lady generals in parades?
China have 1.2 billion populations.
They have no time to promote sensational Malaysia.
You will be surprised...lady generals are for marching in parades.
You have sen many parades.
Have you ever visited many parts of China?

monsterball said...

And if they have monthly period on Parade to march with stomach aches...maybe red spots oozing out...hahahahahahahaha

monsterball said...

Be smart and practical la
Do not be idiots like UMNO buggers...keep talking nonsense and no need parades...everyday all UMNO ministers are parading with out-dated stunts..and magic please get their votes.
You want China to follow UMNO style?

Anonymous said...

China in umno style, what is that??


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