Monday, September 28, 2009

The Chinese people have stood up!

(My favourite picture of young Mao)

"The Chinese people have stood up!"

This was proclaimed by Chairman Mao on Oct 1, 1949.

Those interested can read my write-up

Come this Thursday, it will be the 60th anniversary of the beginning of New China. In a short period of 20 years since the late 70s, China has transformed from an insular nation of peasants and blue attired common folks to be at par with the developed nations.
Shenzhen was the first city of Teng's vision of modernization, and the rest as they said was history.

This year's Anniversary Parade will be focused on the military advancement. My blogger friend, James Wong's blog "Clare Street" has featured a few postings on this coming event. His blog can be viewed

To understand the history of New China, one has to know the life history of Mao. Only then can one view Mao with awe and great respect.

My son just told me that Astro will be showing "Making Mao" on Channel 555 (History) this Thursday at 10pm.

Those interested in New China should not miss this documentary. I shall be watching, for sure.


romerz said...


If you have watched the "military blunders" series, historians agree that China could have reached this stage much earlier and at far lesser human costs had Mao not done what he did.

Mao was more an impediment rather than the cause of China's success today.

A true Malaysian said...

I got no Astro. Can record?

Mao is another modern day Shi Huang Ti to me, who unite the Chinese who were severely divided when Western power introduces opium to Ching Dynasty.

Without Mao, no Deng. No Deng, no modern day China, opium still rules China.

PM said...

Without Mao, Chiang Kai shiek corrupted cronies would be ruling china. There would have been widespread demo and killing in the street.

US would be their partner and would have manipulated chinese foreign policies and trade.

Mao did what he had to do to discipline the chinese to think as one nation.

Had a pleasant stay in Shenzhen.

Justin Choo said...


What gave you the idea that I am enjoying myself in Shenzheng? I am not that fortunate to be able to go for a holiday.

PM said...


The "I" is missing..I had a peasant stay..

soli lah

A true Malaysian said...


Your working in Shenzen? Come back and be a PM of Malaysia, haha.

PM said...

true malaysian

Have you been there.?

It's a nice place to visit. The city is just growing...huge city with professional beggars.

Anonymous said...

Oh! Communist is so good, all these killing in China is done by USA , that is really refreshing. Wait till China expand their communism all over SEAsia, then i am sure the dude will claim that USA is behind all these ideology brainwash, typical Chinese. haha..


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