Sunday, September 20, 2009

The most beautiful plant in the world!

This is the most beautiful plant in the world! It has no beautiful flower with scented fragrance. It is on a simple plastic pot with a hanger. It just arrived on Friday 18 September 2009. That was a special day "yat fatt", "sure prosper". And when you add 1 to 8, it becomes 9, my favourite number!

This plant is just a wild parasitic "weed", perhaps "implanted" by a "worthless" sparrow while letting go of its bowel. What then can this "worthless" plant be the most beautiful? Ahhh, life is like that! I am the only lucky and honoured one to receive this "priceless" present. That's why this plant is the most beautiful. It was presented to me through the blogosphere, the world of internet. The day Mr Atm came specially to visit my new home. No not the Atm machine. Many of you would know "Atm". "A true Malaysian" who "floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee" in the comments column of a number of popular blogs and web sites.

It was a pleasure and an honour to receive this gift of a plant from Mr Atm. I shall cherish this for the rest of my life. Let the daily health of this plant be the barometer of our friendship. Each morning this plant will greet me with a happy smile when I open the verandah door, each evening the setting sun will cast the shadow of friendship onto my face to wish me good night, and I shall see my friend in my mind, forever happy that I still have a friend , a true friend, a true Malaysian!!

What else shall I wish for? Well, only my friend Atm knows what aches my heart.

Life is like that.


A true Malaysian said...

There are ups and downs during our lifetime, positive thinking is what each of us need to face them.

Let's this plant be a new beginning to a promising episode of your lifetime.

What more can we ask for but to treasure what we have?

bow said...

Justin , you can see the beauty in it but many of us can't. You need to stop confusing us.

monsterball said...

His diplomacy with a sweet mouth is hypocritical or he is slightly off the rock.
But he does value good friends.
You choose.
I sincerely hope he can control he trusted me and tell me his personal problems too.
His selfishness is quite glaring ..although he may realizes that later..but sometimes..maybe too late.
I watch my garden everyday and happy and calm.
Best are birds singing..wall lizards talking..and tall trees swaying with the wind.
Different colours of flowers makes me happy.
Green leaves turn me off!!
Back fish tanks continue to ease my mind.
The house warming gift from Atm to a dear friend is great.
Justine feeling completely happy with a new found dear friend is great.
Lets see the good doctor out do Atm..and make Justine go decide ..who is greater.
All things been said.....I wish Justine a happy long in the dream home of his.
For me...I yearn to go back to live in the jungle with my hundreds of loving friends.
All my children was shocked to hear me say up city life for jungle life.
Life is such a strange event for one to live and go round with it.
For that...I am truly blessed.

Justin Choo said...


This is not the first time that you are trying to insinuate that I told you my "secret personal problem" because I "trusted" you.

Let me put it here very clearly so that others do not be misled by your insinuation. It is no secret that during the course of conversion, I would let known that I took care of my grand daughter full time. When the inevitable question as to why I had to do that, I just told the truth that my daughter was not there to take care of her. There is no secret whatsoever, and you are not privy to this fact.

You are welcome to post your comment here, but please show some respect.

Let it be known that I shall not entertain any more insensitive comments.

Comments will now be moderated.

monsterball said...

I am actually saying you trusted me and I know your problem....and yoiu treat me like a trusted friend..but if you take it otherwise...I am sorry...and I can your blog with pleasure.
You need not moderate me.
I actually give face to comment in your big deal.
You are nobody to moderate me..just as Dr.Hsu too.
I leave willingly.....GOODBYE!!

monsterball said...

You do not have the guts to put out my reply!!

Justin Choo said...


You are not welcome here.

If you come here again, I shall delete your comment without even reading them.

Good bye.

Anonymous said...

Justin is annoyed by a bitter old man. Don't take it too serious, you are in blogsphere, bug is every where. lol!!

bow said...

Justin need to look at every comment like a grain of salt instead of pound of gold. Sometimes commentator had difficulty in conveying the right intention by his words. Many are not highly proficient in English language but in Mal-lish.

Justin Choo said...


I think we should end the topic.

Sorry had to delete your comment. We don't want to hurt anyone's feelings anymore.


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