Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Akim and MCLM

Akim who? 

Akim is the acronym for Angkatan Keadilan Insan Malaysia, "metamorphosed" overnight by Zaid Ibrahim. I can't get over it when I saw shots over the tv news.  Those pakciks standing around Zaid looks like farmer representatives and kampong headmen.


Malaysian Civil Liberties Movement.  Big intellectual guns like Haris Ibrahim and Malik Imtiaz Sarwar, and of course RPK.

Well I supposed you have read the news. So you knew already. 

Is it mere coincidence that the two parties surfaced at the same time?  What can we make of these two events?  The obvious is that these people are no longer holding hands with PKR.  Both call themselves the Third Force.  Unless they can manouvre a diplomat coorperation with Pakatan come next GE, they are all going to be The Spent Force, The Foolish Force... foolish losers, helping BN laughing all the way to Putrajaya again.  This is not a laughing matter. The curse of split votes.

RPK in his Youtube MCLM forum said people like me are just being negative.  He said MCML acts as a repairman.  According to him, MCML members will offer themselves as candidates for elections into Parliament under the opposition banner.  If this is the strategy, I wholly support MCLM. 

Otherwise, what are we going to do?  Maybe register another party, and call it the Cry Baby Pop Pop Party!


A true Malaysian said...


If you read doctor's blog, I have commented on this topic of third force mooted by RPK.

Basically, my thinking about it is quite near to RPK's, i.e. to offer credible candidates for Pakatan Rakyat and not to split votes.

Somehow, Haris's talking about possible fielding of independent candidates of MCLM worries me, but I still feel that that won't happen ultimately. This Haris guy was somehow being used by Zaid in PKR election fiasco, and this has tainted MCLM to a certain extent.

But, to whose benefit in muddying the situation is easy for us to guess.

I can't wait for the 13th General Election to happen tomorrow, and to vote Pakatan Rakyat for sure.

No point reading unnecessarily and get ourselves confused.

A true Malaysian said...

By the way, it is best we don't use the term 'third force' for now on for MCLM.

To use such term will further confuse voters.

bow said...

Malaysians don't need a third force at a time when a second force is still at its infancy stage, it is too early for us to judge the performance of the second political force rising from the last election result and its effectiveness in countering the corrupt and regressive ruling elite, having a third force at this critical moment of political upheaval inside the country will only diminish the late arrival of a new dawn and divert the focus of the reform political agenda from moving forward. We need to give sometimes for the second force before we should consider the rise of a third force, let alone it rise will probaly work in the favor of present ruling elite.

Anonymous said...

Gerakan member is trying to sell the idea of 'third force' after the party overwhelming defeat in Penang by PR, the fall of their last strong hold in Malaysia had complicated its relationship with its master in its political future and rightful position in BN, thinking of it, it is understandable why Gerakan member is advocating 'third force' doctrine in place of present political scenario, you know which political party will benefit from this silly proposal as well as i do.


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