Friday, December 31, 2010

A new year begins : 2011

Wishing all my readers a happy new year.

May 2011 bring you excellent health, good luck and much happiness!

To all my readers, thank you very much for your support.

My special thanks to reader "bow" for his untiring support and frequent comments.

Thank you "bow"!


stephen said...

Happy New Year Justin.I drop by every now and then to see what you've been up to and your thoughts!I have to say i enjoy your postings about whats happening in your neighbourhood.It makes for a good read how others are getting along and how different or similar our lives are.

As we are both about past the halfway mark of our life's journey and the trials and tribulations of growing up and our ambitions are now mostly a thing of the past, we are now into the next phase of discovering the spiritual side of life and our existence.
Our priorities I suppose are now good health,companionship,financial independence,happy children with good careers and spiritual well being, not necessarily in that order.
So, here's wishing you many happy years ahead and good health and wealth!

Justin Choo said...

Hi Stephen,

Are you the Stephen my old KIWI friend? Then it's a surprise. I have given up hope contacting you.

If you are, please email me to communicate. Or you may give me your email address here. Your old email address cannot be reached. I thought you were lost in cyberspace.

stephen said...

Nope sorry .Wrong Stephen!

bow said...

Justin, we should be thanking you for keeping all of us (your readers) update on the political and economy affair in Malaysia, other than from MSM and online news portal. Wish you a happy new year too and continue happy blogging into the futre without fear and favor.

Justin Choo said...


Well, looks like I have "lost" an old friend.

Now I have a new friend called Stephen, although he will most probably remain a mysterious figure, only appearing in blogosphere as and when he likes. Just like Superman!

Justin Choo said...

Hi Bow,

Thanks for your encouragement. I shall continue to share my thoughts.

Perhaps one day both you and Stephen will reveal your true selves, just like ATM.

I think you know that ATM had even visited me twice!

Grace said...

Hi Justin!

Happy New Year ar! I'm very happy that I got the Streamyx installed already! and the speeed is whoa! higher than my package, the cheapest one, RM 60!

Much higher speed, but much price to pay. I've to pay the installers, personally, to solve the very complicated jumper problems, but he in return, tuned in the stronger wave, hence I got the higher speed! The speed is actually meant for RM110 package!

The installers worked hard, spent about 5 1/2 hours to finished their works.

Both they and I had talked called Telekom, and confirmed it, so aiya, they all also one eye open one eye close la. Understoood la. If not, if they sent other greener technician to selesai this very complex problems, it might took me another 6 months before getting Stremyx!

Like that la. This the 21st century, everything is money. If it's no money, even the earth wont rotate!.

Tkae care. Grace.

A true Malaysian said...

My wishing to everyone here a happy new year, maybe a bit too late since we have lived 16 days of the year 2011, but it is still quite new.

I wish to give Justin a very big 'THANK YOU' for his stamina in maintaining his blogs and sharing his thoughts over the years.

Not forget also to thank fellow commentator like Bow for his undying support of this blog. You definitely deserve a special mention of thank here by Justin.

Perhaps like what Justin mentioned, Bow and Stephen, you guys should take the initiative to get to know Justin in person. Justin is a great person 'to meet in-person'.

Or perhaps we can have our mini convention somewhere 'to meet in person'.

Justin Choo said...


I just cannot stop repeating the old phrase "I thought I've lost you to someone more intelligent and popular". Sorry just have to write that.

I have been thinkng lately that I will have to make a review of my blog and make some changes in content. Before I could do this you suddenly appeared to give moe a little ray of hope. As if you could read my mind!

I shall let you know and "reveal all" in my next blog in a day or two. Please return to read it and don't engross too much in some other more intellectual and popular blog, until you forget about this one which is about to close shop.

A true Malaysian said...


I got why you meant by "I thought I've lost you to someone more intelligent and popular".

You should know my style. I don't comment for the sake of commenting but sharing my thoughts and opinions in blogosphere, with the intent to hit right on the spot of people with 'warped logic' so to hopefully bring back some common senses into their thinking.

But, I would say these people are too hard-core in their mentality that however how hard or how many times you hit, they wouldn't change.

How I hope 13th GE is tomorrow with the hope that we can start again with the new footing.

Whatever misunderstand or disagreement with "someone more intelligent and popular", I wish this could end ultimately.

As 'A true Malaysian', I belong to no one in blogosphere. The question of you've lost me to someone else is simply out-of-the-question. Hahaha!!!

Justin Choo said...


Sorry I didn't mean you "belong to me"! That will be last thing in my mind.

A true Malaysian said...

Haha!!! Justin,

I neither meant that as well.

English language can be funny sometime, but it's beautiful.

bow said...

TM : I have no doubt Justin is a great person to meet in person. Thump up for him!!! May be it will happen in the near future when we happen to be in the same place at the same time. lol!

I am sure you know that it is part of our Malaysians nature and traits, it is deeply ingrained inside our gene as most friendly, welcoming and generous people on earth. I am no surprise to hear that from you.


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