Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Former DAP strongman, Fan Yew Teng dies

                                                                     (Picture from Din Merican)
For the younger generation, the name Fan Yew Teng would not ring a bell.  If I am not mistaken, he was the youngest MP ever.  MP for Menglembu, but was disqualified when he was slammed with a RM2,000 fine for publishing a "seditious" speech in the Rocket.  For this he even lost his right to Parliamentarian pension.

Fan Yew Teng, activist and former DAP member of parliament, passed away at the Bumrungrad International Hospital in Bangkok Tuesday after battling cancer.

Fan Yew Teng was one of my DAP heroes.

May he rest in peace. 

You can read more in The MalaysianInsider: and Din Merican:

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