Sunday, December 26, 2010

Press Statement On "Buddha Relics" Exhibition


The Malaysian Buddhist Consultative Council (MBCC) do not support “The Buddha Relics & Tibetan Antiques” event held at Stadium Putra, Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur from 23/12/10 to 1/1/11 organised by the “Malaysia Kadhampa Buddhist Association”.

The Buddha relics are the remains of the Buddha and they are highly respected among all Buddhists worldwide. As the Buddha relics are very rare and precious, the discovery of any Buddha relics would receive world attention. In addition, any claim of discovery of Buddha relics must be verified by recognised Buddhist masters and even scientifically by archaeologists and scientists.

Thus, the Malaysian Buddhist Consultative Council would like to inform the Buddhist disciples and the public not to support such event nor to attend the relics expo. The MBCC is unable to verify the authenticity of its Buddhist lineage.
In addition, the MBCC do not agree with the practice of any party who circulate the proclaimed “Buddha relics” commercially either through sales or donation.

The Malaysian Buddhist Consultative Council is consisted of Young Buddhist Association of Malaysia (YBAM), Buddhist Missionary Society Malaysia, Sasana Abhiwurdhi Wardhana Society (Sasana), Malaysian Fo Guang Buddhist Association and Vajrayana Buddhist Council Malaysia (VBCM).

Best regards,
Sek Chin Yong

马来西亚佛教咨询理事会不认同 嘎档巴总会









May the Blessings of the Triple Gem be with you and your family always.

With Metta,
Young Buddhist Association of Malaysia

No.9, Jalan SS25/24, Taman Mayang,

47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Tel: 03 - 7804 9154/7

Fax: 03 - 7804 9021


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bow said...

It is just unscrupulous for any party to sell Buddha relics in an exhibition, or use the event for fund raising purposes, it is an insult to all Buddhists and go against the teaching of Buddha master. The highly respected Buddha relics are not to be used for commercial profit making except to be kept in a house of worship for all his faithfuls. It is good for the Buddha COnsultative Council to take a stand on it for all Buddhists in Malaysia.

Justin Choo said...


For your information, the so-called "relics" on display are nothing more than pieces of plastics, pebbles and sand.

It is sheer blasphemy and an insult to the Buddha, and all the Buddhists over the world. By the very non-confrontational attitude and peace-loving nature of true practising Buddhists, the press statement is very diplomatically worded.

If it for any religion (you know which one) these people who are out to make money from the ignorant and superstitious "Buddhists" in the name of the Buddha, would have been sentenced to death! Forgive me; but this is definitely not the Buddha's way.

This is the salient behaviour of true Buddhists. No violence no matter what. This is what the Buddha taught us...Non violence and live in goodwill, no matter what.

bow said...

So these con-artists are calling plastic and pebbles as 'Buddha Relics', it sure sound like a scam in the process organized by self proclaimed Buddhist organization. I assume they know all Malaysian Buddhists and their leader will remain in a forgiving manner and take non confrontational stance toward their blasphemy on Buddha according to the teaching of Buddhism, that give them much leeway to plan this scam in the public eye without the fear of violent reaction from peace loving Malaysian Buddhists. It is indeed proper for the Consultative Council to bring awareness to their followers on this exhibition.

Sim Soo Ling said...

Dear Vajrayana Buddhist Council of Malaysia (Registration number 749),

Re: Discouraging Public from Attending Kadhampa Buddhist Association's Relics Exhibition in Malaysia

Everyone respects His Holiness the Dalai Lama, but not everyone who respects him needs to follow his views, thoughts or even his school and tradition of Buddhism. The VBCM has no authority from the Dalai Lama or any religious figure to be the police of Buddhism in Malaysia.

You are a group of lay people who are not ordained, do not hold monastic vows nor live a life of Buddhism to be able to judge others. Just because you go to Dharamsala, take a few pictures with the Dalai Lama and receive one or two letters from some of his people, does not mean you have the authorization to say, command, dictate or authorize anything in our country. Malaysia is a democracy that upholds the unity of its people, and not segregation.

Secondly, we are protected by the law to practice any religion of our choice that we like. Our government permits this. The Dalai Lama, his group of people and the Tibetan exiled government have no authority in any way in our country. Remember – we are Malaysians, we follow Malaysian law and the law allows us to practice what we wish.

You should stop sending out flyers and distributing information in any way which discourages people from going to any other religious organizations besides your own. For example, I refer to the recent notices you have been sending out discouraging people from attending the Kadhampa Buddhist Association’s Buddha Relics & Tibetan Antiques Exhibition at Bukit Jalil. If you continue to send circulars like this, then everyone else will be forced to report you for disunity and creating disharmony. This is what it is all about. Or is it that you wish to damage any competition?

I am not interested in your organization. Frankly, I have no respect for your organization because of your political actions. Tibetans already have so many politics, do not bring Tibetan politics to Malaysia.

You are dragging your people down and your promotion of your lamas are also tainted due to your political actions.

Please desist from these types of negative activities in the future and start practicing compassion, forgiveness and tolerance. It is the right of every single Malaysian to practice whatever religion they choose.

Sim Soo Ling

CC Jabatan Pendaftaran Pertubuhan Malaysia / Registrar of Societies


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