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Sabah Snake Grass cures many types of cancer

Sabah Snake Grass cures many types of cancer!  Some people are lucky.  When the doctors only gave them a few months to live, out of sheer desperation, they found a "miracle cure" and are alive today.  It is said that chemotherapy is poisoning; radiation is burning; and surgery is cutting.  With these descriptions, can the body that is already sick survive these sorts of "medical" treatments?  The doctors true to their professional "ethics" will swear by their grandmothers' graves that these poisoning, burning and cutting are the only methods to treat cancer.  If you were to probe into their inner conscience, you may like to ask them if ever they got cancer, would they go for these burning, poisoning and cutting? 

Enough said.  There is this viral email floating around about the effectiveness of the Sabah Snake Grass in curing many types of cancer.  I have written an article in my Hubpages.  If you are interested to find out more information especially on readers' comments and supply locations, please CLICK HERE:

I strongly recommend that you read this "journalistic account" by a surviving cancer patient Mr. CT Chang. This was what Mr CT Chang wrote in his blog:

" When the doctor first told me that I had untreatable stage 4 kidney cancer and sent me home, I did not know how to respond. Shocked was too mild of a word.....

Given less than 6 months to live in September 2009 and no cure by my doctors, I was determined to change my destiny."

To read his blog please CLICK HERE:


GanCGeok said...

Hi Justin,

I might be able to get some SSG cuttings for you.

I will be in Penang on 18Jun, but, dont know the whereabouts yet.

I will contact you when arrangements arer firmed up .



Justin Choo said...

Hi Gan,

Thank you very much. Shall await your good news.

A true Malaysian said...

Can a healthy person eats SSG?

Justin Choo said...


I suppose you can.

Anonymous said...

Hi to you all,

Yes,for very sure SSG can be consume.I myself cook with egg to make soup,very tasty, much better than sayur manis,beleive me,not bitter.I have take this for a very long time aready.I came to know this SSG about five years ago.I also planted a lot now,very easy job,just cut the cutting(old better) and plant it into suitable soil and keep away from direct sunlight.Water twice daily,99% growth rate.

GanCGeok said...

Hi Justin,

I will be at the Penang Club for an event.

Can email me at for us to exchange hp no. ? Most likely I will meet you up at the club.

Do you want the kombucha ibu too - I took some from Mike Lim who's a visitor to CT Chang's blog, if so, I will bring some for you too.

I have done my first brew of the kombucha & it's fermenting very nicely.



yuki said...

where can i get SSG? and how can i get SSG??

Justin Choo said...

Hi Yuki,

You need to disclose your location. If you don't want to reveal here, you may email me.

Anonymous said...

Hi Gan and Justin, if you manage to get the cuttings, could I also have one or 2? MY mother has 4th stage breast to lung cancer.
Thank you

Justin Choo said...

Hi Anonymous @ 11.14pm,

You need to disclose your location.

I'm sorry to hear about your mom's condition. I can give you a few plants but they are very tiny, just starting to take root, not ready for your mom.

Try reading the comments in these two links @


2. . Maybe you can get it there.

Justin Choo said...

Hi Anonymous again,

Got this from @

1. Northern Region - CSGan, sk_choy (Chinese Cari Forum Member)
2. Central Region - Persatuan Pengkaji Herba Tradisi (Negeri Sembilan)
3. Southern Region - Ms Kallee
4. Sabah Region - Mr Jeffrey 0198114781

1. Distibutor located at China Town Herbal store B1-161 (牛车水草药专卖店) ,
contact: 65-9435084,65-62226156. stock reservation is required.
2. Hua Hng Trading Co Pte Ltd
Add: 15 Bah Soon Pah Rd (near Yishun)
Tel: 62573259 / 67520500
3. Oh Chin Huat Hydroponic Farms
Add: Bah Soon Pah Rd 14A
Tel: 98518913 (Ai Ling

Anonymous said...

You can also get SSG from Mantin, NS. Contact 06-7581589

visibly said...

Hi there, I am very interest in SSG. How can I get a cutting/plant? I am in Selangor and am willing to drive outstation. Appreciate your can let me know. My email at

Justin Choo said...

Hi Visibly,

Please refer to the earlier comments, and go from there.

Justin Choo said...

Hi all,
Below is the latest comment from my other site:

Hi, my Mom is a stage 4 lung cancer patient & shes currently consuming the SSG as part of her treatment. She buys them from a Malaysian who can deliver to Singapore frequently, for more details/interested parties pls contact me at

Raymond Voo said...

Did u take ONLY vegetarian wen u took the sabah snake glass? Thx.

Zola Design said...

anybody help me where i can find the ssg im from sabah kota friend got cancer and i want him try..thanks

darlene said...

hi...i would like to know..can this snake grass be taken by diabetes patient??

Justin Choo said...

Hi Darlene,

Please read the main link @

Anonymous said...

This Sabah snake grass is a very good herb. As what the doctor comment, that we have to go for chemotherapy, is not a suitable way to treat cancer. In early stage, i can feel that if we take this grass in advance we'll get a very good result. So, to people who have cancer. Go for it! It will definitely help you. Like in my case, the doctor told me i have zero percent chance if i don't go for chemo. i've been taking this herb for six months and it's been helping me alot.

Eva said...

Hi...thanks for the info.I am from Kota Kinabalu Sabah and already planted ssg.I can be contacted at 0128325290 if any one from Sabah or nearby country need this miracle grass.Thanks. Blessings.

Olivia said...

Hi Justin, I'm from kuala lumpur, I might need some SSG as I've recently diagnosed with nasal cancer. Please help.

Justin Choo said...

Hi Olivia,

Please read through the comments here and also in my Hubpages article.

You are encouraged to read CT Chang's blog @

Hope you get well.

The Green Sanctuary said...

Dear Olivia

I am from Kuching. Heard SSG are found plenty in Semenanjung. It was brought to Sabah by an investor who uses it to treat snake bites. Ask around and probably you can find it.

I found them on sale at our vegetable market recently and it was sold at RM 2 for quite a big bundle. Users in Kuching are taking the leaf to cool down their body temperatures. They are very easy to grow. Just cut the stalk of the plant into 2" length and poke it into the soil and it grew fast.

In fact, out of curiousity.I tried planting them and they grew out nicely now. It takes at least a month or so, before it can reach into a foot or 2ft tall.

Anyway, I would be most glad to help anyone to get hold of the plant but it depends whether I can sight them at the market again.

I can be reached at

Shalene said...

Dear Justin Choo, I saw ur post regarding the sabah snake grass. My dad started to drink it blended with apple everyday about 1wk plus ago after knowing the benefits. Doc labelled my dad as liver cancer stage 3 but d prob is my dad's appetite are stil as good as b4 & physically looks normal & he dun even drink nor smoke. But doc suggested him to take kimo which we do not allow him to as everything might change to bad. According to doc, my dad appetite suppose change due to his condition but he is not & stil d same. Just we trying to control his meal by not eating too oily, quit chicken n ...Pls, i need ur advise urgently, thanks

Justin Choo said...

Hi Shalene,

I am not an authority on cancer. I cannot give advice to you. one thing for sure is that all doctors will have to officially/professionally advocate conventional treatments. However, now that we know there are alternative treatments, we have a choice. I need not have to elaborate.

I strongly recommend you follow CT Chang's blog daily @

Hope your dad recovers in due course.

The Green Sanctuary said...

Dear Shalene

May I offer a suggestion. Since your dad is still in good physical health and also he has great appetite .... try to convince him to convert to a Vegetarian asap ! Forget all the meaty diet, including chicken and fish.

Meat of all sorts are acidic and when your body becomes acidic, it means your body is lacking oxygen too. Cancer cells thrive more aggressive in such situation.

If he starts to take more vegetables, ensure he get enough protein by taking more of the 'bean' types. Green vegetables are akaline and they provides good content of oxygen for your body, due to its chlorophyll content. This method of alternative treatment will help the body to weaken the cancer cells down.

Only when the above is achieved, then ... try to find a good alternative medicinal products to counter against the cancer cells.

Also remember .... ensure that your Dad gets enough Vitamin C. Get the range from Dr Ralph which is of high potency.

Vitamin C will greatly benefit the body to boost up his immune system. With a good and strong immune system built up, his body will be able to produce more healthier cells and this is how we counter against the bad cells with a stronger 'army'.

Anyway ... Unless, a patient has found their own ways to counter against their own disease(s), ones should not give up chemo. In fact, chemo is itself a deadly drug and very acidic. Instead of killing the cancer cells, its acidity will make the CCs more aggressive.

My advice is .... go and search for 2nd and 3rd opinions until you are satisfied.

The above is just a personal experience

Anonymous said...


I stay in puchong, Bandar kinrara. (behind giant). Wonder anyone has the SSG? My fren's dad was diagnosed with lung cancer stage 4.
Please help.


Renevic said...

Hello. Do you have any testimonial that this herb cured a diabetic person? Thank you.

Justin Choo said...

Hi Renevic,

Try Google Search "youtube sabah snake grass"

Herbal lover said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

How does the supplier charge ?

Where is he/she located ?

Please let us know.

Thank you

Herbal lover said...


RM5/packet with more than 100 leaves/packet. Based in KL. Courier is provided.

Dora said...

Hi Justin,
I'm from Butterworth. Can I have some SSG cuttings from you? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

hi sabah snake grass man

Happy to write a blog here. I would like to know wheather the snake grass available in Indonesia (jakarta) ? If yes can u directly me the location? If dont, hv how can i order and delivery to my place? Pls email to mail

Thks again for helping

Justin Choo said...

Hi anonymous,

Please go to my Hubpages and read the contacts and comments @

TH Chung said...

If you want SSG, write to me. I plant plenty and take them daily.

Justin Choo said...


Where are you located?

Are you supplying SSG plants or only the leaves. Are you selling them or giving free?

lsly said...

I am living in Goh Tong Jaya, Genting Highlands. Can anyone let me know how I can buy SSG leaves at the nearest place? Thanks for the help
Lsly Wong Ngai Chee
tel: 017-3031028

Justin Choo said...

Hi Isly,

Please go to my Hubpages article @

rosita said...

For high blood pressure and uric asid control, how many leaves should be taken per day? I got to know about this SSG through my colleague and she has planted the SSG in her own backyard for her personal use. She informed me to read this blog for furhter info. From:Rosita-Melaka

Justin Choo said...

Hi Rosita,

Please go to my Hubpages to read more @

What I know are all in there.

JJ said...


May i know where can i get "Sabah Snake Grass" in Singapore.


JJ said...


May i know where can i get "Sabah Snake Grass" in Singapore.


Justin Choo said...

For more info, please go to my Hubpages @

유가 ^^ said...

Hi, may I know where to get 1kg of ssg powder as I will need it for my final year project starting on Feb 2012. I need SSG supplier that grow it in large scale i guess.. the project is to test for its antitoxidant and cytotoxicity against certain cell lines. I can be reached at

Justin Choo said...

Hi 유가 ^^

Please go through the comments section here, and also my hubpages @

Anonymous said...

Hi, I stumbled at this blog post while finding more stock of ssg leaves, I have ran out of stock and lost contact with the old supplier. I’m in the midst of using it to prove the cancer curing properties of this plant extract for my thesis, hopefully by early next year, the results shows positive activity. I’m also doing pilot studies on the other claims for this plant, I'll post the results for the viewers of this blog and hopefully I’m able to finish my thesis. Thanks to this blog I got a few contacts of suppliers.

Justin Choo said...

Hi Anonymous @ 8.42pm,

Thank you. Please update us in due course.

Wanna help said...

Dear Anynomous

It will be a tremendous help to everyone if you could post your valuable findings here, as it will surely help to clear the doubts of many end-users.

Should you need more leaves, I am most willing to contribute too, as my backyard is now looking like a jungle with SSG.

May God Bless you !

Justin Choo said...

Hi wannahelp,

Can you please give some pointers for growing SSG? Mine just refuse to propagate, both in pots and on the ground. Thanks.

Wanna Help said...

1) Get a stalk of the plant first.

2) Cut them up in stems, leaving a node at the tip of the stem. Make sure the stems are matured enough for re-planting. The younger part at the tip is not suitable.

3) Just poke it straight into the soil. Half an inch will do.

4) Initially ... do not expose them under intense sunlight. It prefers shady spots, with some sunlight. It grows best with wet soil (it needs a lot of moisture).

5) The node will start sprouting new shoots of the plant, within 7 - 10 days. After that, it will keep sprouting upward, as high as 4 ft high. What is frustrating is that, it won't stand up by itself. It will fall almost flat to ground level due to the weight of the leaves.

Anonymous said...

My mum was diagnosed with stage 2-3 colon cancer 8 mths ago. Since then she started taking ssg twice daily at least 50 pcs each time. We started planting it as we have the stems given by good samaritans. My mum did not go for chemo or radiotherapy. For the first 3 to 4 mths, she felt that she was recovering and at that time she was still having good appetite. We went for a colonoscopy again and to us, the tumour seemed to have shrunk but the doc said it looked the same to him. After the sixth month, my mum started to lose more weight due to her strict dietary. She was too scared to eat after hearing so many types of food as being bad for her condition. Until beginning of last mth, she finally made up her mind to go for the surgery. We went to a prestigious hospital in singapore. The doc told my mum tt the tumour has doubled the size than before as she was not eating enough to gain the nutrition needed by the body to fight the cancer cell, instead the cancer cell has got the chance to take the bpdy's stored-nutrition as the body has lacked strong immune system. The surgery went well. Her liver condition was good, a good sign showing that the cancer cell did not spread as normally liver was the first to be attacked by a spreading colorectal cancer cell, then to lung. Probably the ssg did some good here by controlling the cancer cell for 8 good mths. My mum is recovering very well and fast. I wish to help other cancer patients. Cancer is not as deadly as before but you must first have faith and the will to fight it. Food is ur best bet in fighting it. Drink lots of plain water. Eat alkaline as acidic is cancer cells' best surviving condition. Eat more raw vegetables coz it is more alkaline than cooked vege. Dont take sugar, nuts, oily fried food. Must eat enough to ensure that your body has enough nutrition and strong immune system to fight it. I have a lot of ssg (优吨草) and strobilanthes cripus (黑面将军) in melaka. If anyone need them, pls email me at Dont worry, i am not charging. But u will need to pick it up urself. If anyone need information about colorectal cancer, feel free to email me.

joeawk said...

For those whop need SSG is available here. This place also give treatment.

Free Thinker said...

I have quite a bit of fresh SSG to be given away for free, while stock last !!!

Anyone who needed it, please email me (

I am from Kuching (Sarawak). Please help me to shoulder the courier fee by Pos Laju

Sal said...

Hi my husband has 4th stage pancreatic cancer, he is not on chemo but currently there are some complications with blood clots in his blood stream. He has therefore been put on blood thinning medication. Can he still take SSG?

Justin Choo said...

Hi Sal,

I am sorry I am not qualified to give medical advice. You may go to the links for further info.

Herbal lover said...

I have been taking this SSG tea and it helps to reduce my uric acid level. Recently, a colleague of mine told me his dad has experience great improvement on his high blood pressure after taking SSG tea.

I start recommending to friends with cholesterol, diabetic and skin problems. Most of them do experience improvements in many ways. I have also seen people around me with cancer benefited from this plant.

I have been buying from fresh leaves and tea bags from Will 010 525 7782. I think his products are mostly available at organic shops. You may check them out at Delivery to worldwide should not be a problem.

Chew Lai Hock said...

chew December 15, 2012 at 12:14 am

Your comment is awaiting moderation.

Sabah snake grass: Do contact Mr Chew at 90669858 Home delivery, after 5pm, in singapore provided. My face book page.

HelperForAll said...

My girlfriend's mum diagnosed 2nd stage of pancreatic cancer. We found SSG, however we also discover a normal cancer patient need to consume a great amount of leaves.

We couldn't just rely on free supply while waiting the plant to grow in our backyard. God bless us, we found a reliable source. They have big farms of SSG in acres and their product is not expensive at all.

Take a look into their site and
or click on my name "HelperForAll"

Hope this helps. Less rely on expensive chemo and go for a more effective way.

Brandy Lucas said...
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