Wednesday, May 4, 2011

There is still hope for cancer patient

[CT Chang at the Gerson Alternative Cancer Treatment Center in Mexico]

The word "CANCER" immediately brings shivers down your spine.  Nowadays cancer is so common.  It must be the negative changes in lifestyle and the environment.

I wish you will never need this, but this piece of information may help you save lives from those whom you may know who are suffering from cancer. The message is that there are other effective alternative cancer treatments available, although these are never supported by the Medical Organizations, some even being suppressed and outlawed, for reasons better known to themselves.
Below is the link to a blog written by a stage 4 kidney and lund cancer suvivor to help others as well. He was given only 6 months to live 2 years ago. I feel that those suffering from cancer should be given a chance to read his daily journal entries about his research in the internet and his personal experiences on how he is still alive today. Mr CT Chang is his name. He is indeed an amazing survivor.

Please forward this link to all your contacts for the benefit of all.
This is the link to his personal blog :


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Antic_Hero said...

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