Friday, July 24, 2009

"Terms and conditions apply"

The Late Mr Teoh Beng Hock

Everyday when you switch on the radio, you can't escape the commercials. "Free" this and "free" that. The more you buy, the more you save. The more you buy, the more you get. Free 2-night stay at Timbaktu A1 luxury hotel, with free everything thrown in. Get a free Mercedes, a free bungalow bigger than that of Khier Toyor's!! At the end of the message? "Terms and conditions apply."

And if you open the newspapers, or best still read the ever-appearing fliers (ever appearing out of thin air) in your letter box. Same message, but this time since they are in print they only need to put a microscopic * at the end of the message. You are supposed to refer to the * at the very bottom left hand corner of the page which you never read, and if you try reading, you'll never decipher it, especially when you are past 50 with failing guess it right..."terms and conditions apply" in microscopic-sized lettering.

Only stupid people with pea-sized brains will "buy" that.

But there appears to be seemingly "intelligent" and "educated" politicians falling prey to this stupid display of "deception". The audience is sick of them. Just like watching the same magic act again and again by the magician who has run out of new tricks.

Let's do a royal deception and set up a Royal Commission of Enquiry, but with "terms and conditions apply".

What a joke!


dr hsu said...


That is a good one.

Terms and conditions apply, but in this case, terms and conditions can change , too. Today the term and condition may be this, by next week, it will be different to suit the conditions and findings..

There will be 'Terms and conditions apply' to the original 'terms and conditions apply"

Anonymous said...

TBH's death is a big loss for his family and to us. But let me tell you guys....his death will not be in vain. Millions of people will swith from B-end. Many will start registering to vote against the ruling party. Our current leader and government, beware the tsunami. Youe campaign will all be in vain. One man loss may not be that important in your eyes. Not this case, this man will burn you all down with vengence and justice.

PM said...

It will be another coverup of the year. Another bullshit by cows... Bullshitting to the next GE hopefully to con the cina bodoh.

If those chinese who are still supporting BN don't wake with this TBH case in hand, they will be the most stupid chinaman on earth.

A true Malaysian said...

I signed the petition “JUSTICE FOR BENG HOCK”. On and off, I still go back to check how many people signed the petition. As of now, it stands at 13,023 signatories.

I watched the youtube video, and as at now, recorded around 103,000 views. Let say, one person watches the video twice in order to grasp what’s the video trying to convey, it means 50,000 people had viewed it.

Compare 13,023 signatories with this 50,000 people watching the video, it is still a big difference. I am trying to say here is that, if all of us sign the petition and if it can reached 100,000 signatories, or even better 1,000,000 signatories, then, Najib cannot just close one eye and say, only 13,000 people mah, compare to 27 million rakyats, it is peanut.

He definitely cannot say, “terms and conditions apply”. So, please inform more people to support the petition to make it an impact.

A true Malaysian said...

This is the video...

A true Malaysian said...

Irrespective of the truth of this video, what I ‘grasped’ from it is MACC is under the supervision of PM’s Ministry, which means the line of reporting of MACC is linked to PM. This means that whatever MACC did, the responsibility still flows to PM.

Any person with logical mind knows the simple rule that, if you visit my house on my invitation, the responsibility of your safety is mine, irrespective of what is my intention to invite you to my house. Anything wrong happened to you, it will be my responsibility. It is some sort like “occupational safety” that the premises owner that need to observe.

Our PM cannot ignore this line of reporting. In the first place, if MACC comes under say, the Parliament, will this tragic death a headache to PM?

Dear PM, please go back to basic. You are Rakyat’s PM, aren’t you?

PM said...

Najib is never the raayat's PM. He is just a replacement.

DR Hsu is right.. MACC and Najib are in the same boat..both with matter what the terms and condition are and even if there are changes to it, it will eventually protect both..a happy ending.

Anonymous said...

Hi Justin,
MACC= Murder Anyone Cant Co-operate

It very sad, in Malasia, race, religion & colour still the politician tools to divide and rule.

Anonymous said...

To get to the bottom of the death of this man, Malaysia need to appoint outside professional forensic team preferably international renowned individual to lead and conduct a thorough and meticulous crime scene investigation so that an impartial report can be produced, anything short of that, i think this man is not going to get any justice in Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

A quota for all Malaysians, the arc of moral universe is long, but it always bent toward JUSTICE. Don't give up, continue your fight for justice to be served for your fellow Malaysian victimized in this murder.


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