Saturday, July 11, 2009

Learn from your neighbour.

Each time the government comes up with "new" policy, it creates more problems and more criticisms. From various surveys on the people's sentiments on the "new" policy of teaching maths and science, you can see the majority is against it.

If you have a neighbour who has done well in almost everything, would you just like to learn from them and follow their actions? I would. For two very good reasons. One; you already know that the neighbour's actions work. Second; the chance of success is much greater.

Short and precise, just learn from Singapore and follow its policies. Would the present government do that? Your guess is as good as mine, for very obvious reasons.


PM said...


How can they learn from their neighbours when they think with their arse. Arseholes are the bosses, right, that why their decisions stinks making the country looks stupid.

Neighbour is run by a group of Intellectual. Ours are arseholes.

A true Malaysian said...

Forget about it, Justin. This "abang" is too malu to learn from "adik".

dr hsu said...

politicians are those creatures with big ego.

When they have such ego, they will think what they do is right.

They will never look to the 'little red dot' for hints or as example.

bow said...

Justin, you know Malaysia BN is not very happy to see our youngsters becoming clever , learning Maths and science in English will make it possible for them to compete internationally, instead of only ministers' children becoming clever where they can study oversea in Australia and UK. learning from Singapore is going to destroy their ethnic and religion superiority 'ego. No way it is going to happen in Malaysia.

Justin Choo said...


Welcome back. I thought you will never return.

There is a ray of hope come next General Elections.

bow said...

You know, Justin, i always like to read some of your articles here, i get to learn somethings new most of the time. Even though i did not post any comment, giving you the appearance that i am not here. I just have nothing to add or comment after that, doesn't mean i am not reading your blog. lol!!

Justin Choo said...


If you and the other readers are not commenting for too long, I may lose steam as well. You know BIG ego!!



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