Thursday, July 30, 2009

The beauty and the future king

The beauty and the beast...oops....boobs.....the future king!

No wonder he is still not king!


PM said...

I believe the beauty refers to Diana and the Beast to Prince Charles.

Personally I had no respect for Diana. She tried to destroyed the royal family indirectly after the divorce. Many in malaysia were empathetic following her death..was it because of her beauty.??

I was told by a few British commission officers, she was too demanding on charles and on the royal family and not cut out to be a queen. She had the liking of the British public in general that led her to change her attitude and loyalty and did not understood the position she was in. After her divorce she is more like a prostitute selling her body know who. One would expect her to remain a divorcee to protect the royalty's image.

Not to offend anyone, do we have an equal to Prince Charles in this country???

It is the norm in a Kingdom, an abdication or death has to take place before the next in line is placed on the throne. Just like our malaysian states the sultan has to pass away before the raja muda goes up.

Diana had to died whether we like it or not and it is the Br MI5 who will see to it.

PM said...

What would be the consequences if Diana did not die. This is one question we have to look at..seriously. If one of her child makes it to be a King, Diana would take her rightful place as the mother of the King and a major role to play..but the Royal household would then be diluted with an outsider. The Br general public came to realise this but was not talk about..

The Br Royal house command high respect throughout the world and has to be maintained at all cost.

Anonymous said...

Story about UK royal family is only suited for tabloid, nothing good will ever come out with this type of special privilege people in our world.


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