Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Bees buzzing in my ears!

How would you like to put on the earphone and listen to bees buzzing continuously for 24 hours? That would make you crazy, head numb, and groggy!

That was what happened to me the last 2 days! For no apparent reason my left ear suffered uneven pressure while I was taking my shower, and that started the bees buzzing. My whole left head and face were numb. I thought could it be a partial stroke? Slightly worried that forced me to consult the doctor. As usual the good doctor said nothing to worry and gave me some medication. My RM20 gone. But that was cheap considering a "life and death" situation being neutralized by needed assurance by a doctor. On hearing that, half my "sickness" gone. I wasn't going to die yet, still fresh from posting Michael Jackson's death at 50, and I am now 59; already 9 years bonus given to me.

I hope I am now fully recovered, and no recurrance. You know you got to experience this bees buzzing to appreciate your ability to hear properly. Now the feeling is like every sound is so sweet!


A true Malaysian said...


Haha, you are RM20 poorer, but RM20 richer in health.

Why not you consult our good doctor first...

Cheers and take care.

Li Li said...

Hi Justin,

I am glad that you are ok.

Buzzing in the ear and head felt numb, sounds scary !

I truly enjoy to read all yr postings but this is definately the most scary one. Maybe , you should seek a second opinion.

Some of us are taking Gingko for improvement of blood circulations.

Sometimes, I also have buzzing sounds & I have check with ENT specialist at Assunta Hospital and he said nothing wrong with my ear.

He recommended taking Gingko too.

Take care. Hope to see you again maybe end of the month for teh tarik !

Justin Choo said...

A true Malaysian,
Consulted our good doctor already, for 2nd opinion...FREE

Justin Choo said...

Li Li,

You have been very quiet for a long time. Glad you surfaced again. I think I have to post more on my health problems to get you to comment.

Be glad to see you again, maybe also A true Malaysian.

Li Li said...

Hi Justin,

Have always been visiting yr blog but nothing to comment from me.

Discussion about health is good. Then we can learn from the actual symptoms and what positive things that we did can solve the problem.

I notice alot of people black out. Fainting spells. This could be dangerous if we are in the toilet/bathroom because no one knows.

My sister who is 30+ of age fainted in her kitchen last year. She is a workaholic and she always forgot her meals or are late to eat. I guess that she went to bed with an empty stomach. That is why she fainted in the morning.

I would be interested to read more postings on simply Chinese traditional medicine for good health. Example :- drinking tea and different types of tea.


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