Thursday, July 2, 2009

Time to take stock!

Are we in or out?

The PAS president, Hadi announced that he was against the removal of Bumi quota. And DAP man left the Kedah Government, as

Recent unilateral statements and actions by PAS have left a big question mark as to whether PAS is a serious contender for cross-racial politics. Perhaps if Anwar is very serious to form the next government, he needs to do more than at present.

Can PKR and DAP do it together then, without PAS?


PM said...


According to the census 2000, Kedah has a population of 1,649,756million with the malays at 76.6% chinese at 14.9% and Indians at 7.1%

With that ratio PAS don't need DAP or the chinese support. Rightly they hold the majority in kedah state government.

Another it beats me, With only 14.9% why the cry over 50% of houses reserved for BUMI creates such an uproar. Does it mean that 75% of the houses will be bought by the chinese??? the chinese majority area..maybe but not in the rural or semi urban areas ??.

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

It is sick to know that the Hadi supports this type of apartheid.
It is not about quota.
If a housing estate is just for the Bumis or 100% for the Bumis , go ahead. Nobody will make noise.

It is the price of it.
Cheaper house for bumis and the non bumis have to pay more to cover the cheaper price. This is the main bane.
If the price is the same and 50 % of the house reserve for Bumis, nobody will make noise too.

Look, i work and you work. We pay taxes . How come i gotta pay more than yours for the same house?
This is the argument.
It is not about Malay population in Kedah is at 76% , Chinese 15% and so on and on.

1 fine day and such government will announce that the non bumis will have to pay more at the supermarket counter!
While the bumis enjoys their NEP discount.

Take a look at "Melayu" and now take a look at "Islam".
One cannot be a Melayu and claims to be a Muslim at the same time .
Islam is about fairness .

See? Which one is greater?
melayu is greater or Islam is greater.
You still want to see that your Chinese neighbour actually paid more for his house?
But Islam said it is not fair.

Therefore the Hadi from PAS is wrong.
NEP is wrong.
As it is the opposite of Islam.


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