Thursday, May 19, 2011

Do animals have conscience and compassion?

Have you ever wondered whether animals have conscience and compassion?  They have to kill to survive.  They don't kill out of hatred or revenge.  Watch this National Geographic Youtube presentation to find out what I am writing about.

It's about a leopard and a baby baboon.  The end result may not be like a fairy tale, but the sequence of events unfolding leads us to ponder whether animals have an instinctive conscience.    


Anonymous said...

It takes an animal to think like one!

bow said...

Many of these big carnivore kill for two obvious reasons, one is to kill for food, another is self defense of perceived threat. Big cat is not born to kill for the fun of it like some human do; because they have survival instinct humanity lack. You will be surprised many of these 'animals' are more superior than human beings in differentiating right from wrong.


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