Saturday, May 7, 2011

There is still hope for Yong Vui Kong

There is still hope for Yong Vui Kong.
Singapore’s Court of Appeal reserves judgment in Vui Kong’s appeal hearing.


VP said...

Death penalty for one so young seemed a little harsh.

Justin Choo said...

Hi VP,

It IS harsh and brutal. Not at all being decent humans.

bow said...

How is that possible? The cabinet advise S'pore president to turn down his lawyer request already. They are eagerly waiting for the final day to hang him over 47 gram of heroin. It is as silly as it can go for our tiny neighbor's "war on drug" policy.

Anonymous said...

Little red dot is extremely proud over its execution rate on drug offenses, it is all about portraying a super achiever mentality and 'Kiasu' attitude that our over the causeway friends need to keep up to remain relevant in fight against crime. Rightly or wrongly is all in the hand of their legal system.


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