Saturday, May 28, 2011

Finally : A book on understanding women

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Out now. The ultimate book on understanding women!


Anonymous said...

Call yourself a are more like a sexist...a MCP!

Justin Choo said...

My Dear Anonymous @ 10.26pm,

You must be the Evangelist Terrorist who tried to sell snake oil in a blog belonging to a Buddhist who is trying to fight cancer.

Reveal your true self and location if you are man or lady enough. Then you can quote your God and holy book here, and we can have a debate here. I will overlook your lack of proficiency in the English language as has been glaringly shown by your constant misinterpretation of my comments there.

If you are not brave enough to reveal your identity and location, then clear off, and pray to your god to give you a little more brain.

From now on all comments will be moderated.

A true Malaysian said...

Is he the one? He sells 'snake oil'? LOL!!!

A true Malaysian said...

Creator 'God' is one of the favorite topic that I wish to be engaged with in debate or discussion, of course in matured way with the hope that I will not hurt anyone's feeling in the process. If anyone wish to debate on this topic, I appreciate it very much.

The thing is this, is He really in existence? Is it so important that He exists? What if He does not exists? Would it mean that we can not live on without He exists?

So, these are the questions we can discuss or debate on, and if you still insist that 'God' does exist after the debate or discussion, go ahead and live on, not an issue to me.

But, it is not etiquette for any God believer to over zealously force on non-God believer like Buddhists to adopt what you believe, and start talking bad about Buddhism. Then, it becomes an issue that I cannot ignore.

I know many of you out there are formerly Buddhists by birth but convert to Christianity later. But, how many of you really understand what Buddhism is before converting? Do you understand what Christianity is that make you decide to convert? Did you seek your Buddhist parents' blessing before converting? More so, these converts are usually the ones who talk bad about Buddhism. Honestly and conscientiously ask yourselves, is this etiquette if you did that? Will this be fair to your Buddhist parents (if you failed in converting them)?

A true Malaysian said...

Almost 24 hrs since my last posting, look like no one ET keen to take up the challenge, perhaps chicken out?

Can't blame them actually as believing in God is the foundation for their faith.

Imagine, if proven no God,....actually, why must there be a creator God? The world is getting messy each day. Why?

- God not powerful enough?
- God 'no eye see' with His believers?
- God does not exist?

You have the answers, ET.


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