Thursday, May 12, 2011

How to stop smoking effectively

This post is dedicated to "bow", one of my few remaining regular readers.  I am assuming that he is a smoker as shown by his avatar.  I hope "bow" does not take offence to this post.  Otherwise I will lose a regular reader, and perhaps a scolding from him too! I mean well.

Smoking is an unhealthy habit.  It invites diseases to cause harm to your body, even death!  Why take the risk when you have better option?   If anyone is interested to read my article on "How to stop smoking effectively" please CLICKHERE:


stephen said...

Another name for cigarettes is cancer sticks! Nasty habit that kicks you in the lungs and pocket.

Hertha Gearin said...

Every smoker has a reason for continuing this habit and we have no idea what pleasure a cigar gives to a body. However, it is truly a risk to the health. That's why one should stop this habit, as early as possible.


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