Tuesday, May 13, 2008

39 Years Later

To-day is a very special day for Malaysia. If you are under 39 years old, you were not born yet on that fateful day where humane values were thrown down the gutter in this country. I was 19 years old then. I had this "dirty" habit (still have!) of relaxing and dreaming out thoughts (all sorts, use your imagination) while squating in the toilet. Squating??!! Yes! Squating in the toilet. You know, a lot of us were not so fortunate to have flush system then! How disgusting! Imagine spending 20 minutes in the filthy and smelly cubicle! Am I writing a dirty article or am I suppose to talk about the unfortunate day May 13? Yes May 13. For added entertainment I would take along my small transistor radio to the toilet. What radio? Or forget it, you young people; very difficult to communicate with you all. I have to explain every archaic term and situation. Go look up dictionary.reference.com/browse/transistor. Now I know why young upstarts get extremely impatient with oldies like me when it comes to teaching us the nitty gritty of the computer. Old people are very long-winded, as you should know by now. Yes, I was in the toilet past 8 in the evening after coming back from my Aikido session. (Yes, Aikido. About this later, not now.) The broadcast sounded funny and very mysterious. Intermitent announcements something like stay at home, somewhere something had happened. Luckily I was in Penang, come to think of it.
May all the unfortunate innocent victims rest in peace. May all the perpetrators of this evil, face the inescapable retributions in equal proportions in days to come, if fate has not caught up with them yet.
Let us move on, and not bring up this awful incident to incite fear for political advantage.
Don't you agree?
Have a peaceful day.

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