Thursday, May 22, 2008

Crime Against Humanity

One of my cheeky readers quite rightly pointed out that this blog is supposed for him/her to "read, relax and reminisce", but how come all negative news? Point taken. But I told him/her that he/she can still "read". How clever of me!

Sometimes when conditions are so overwhelming that they stare at you point blank, you just can't "read, relax and reminisce". You will be shot down in no time, if you don't take a stand and be counted. And for the fence-sitters and selfish and insensitive visitors of this blog, you have lost your direction. This is not the place for you.

At this very moment, hundreds of thousands have lost their lives in two separate disasters. Another hundreds of thousands most probably would not be accounted for. And millions are suffering right now as a result of these disasters. Can you still have a clear conscience to sit and relax and reminisce? You must be deaf, dumb and blind, and out of your mind to boot.

By latest count, 130,000 deaths in Myanmar alone, mainly around the Irrawaddy Delta area. There is an anticipated second wave of catastrophy approaching. It's been 5 weeks since the onset of the disaster, and the brutal monsters in the Military Junta still refuse to allow international humanitarian aids to flow in without restriction. These monsters have been in control of the country for over 45 years!! They have robbed and raped the whole nation into what it is to-day. And the last straw is their blatant refusal for others to help their own suffering people who are at the brink of starvation and death.


ASEAN of course is still ASLEEP. What about Big Brother Yankee Doodle?? Well at least to-day the U.S. has issued a concerned warning to these monsters. I think it's time Big Brother DO something tangible, what about "Pre-emptive Aid Attack"!

Save Myanmar, and Quick!!

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