Thursday, May 29, 2008

Oil Is Thicker Than Blood!

Do you know? In 1970 oil per barrel was US$1.80! After20 years $40. In 2004, $50 and to-day? US$135!! The Prophets of Doom forewarn that it may touch US$200 this year, and then the sky's the limit!!

In the 60's a bowl of curry mee in Penang was 10sen, yes 10 sen! No joking! Hokkien mee 15 sen, and char koay teow and koay teow th'ng (soup) 20sen! The only difference at that time was the spelling: cents and not sen. (funny, right now even bankers and politicians still make the horrible mistake of spelling "cents". I can name the bank ...Hong Leong Bank and I have the proof in Black & White despite my writing to them of their very embarassing "oversight"! Do you know, I was a banker before?)

To-day in Penang you can't predict the prices of hawker food. It's like striking 1st prize lottery if you get it right! It may range from RM2 (if you are damn lucky) to RM4 (if you are condemned!)

Hey! Change your lifestyle - lah !

Someone gave advice that we should invest in gold as a hedge against spiraling prices. Is this a sound advice?

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