Thursday, May 15, 2008

Penangites for Trams

Our Blogger friend Anil @ is initiating the "Penangites for Trams" campaign. He wrote: Today, several Penang-based bloggers and websites have simultaneously launched a “Penangites for Trams” campaign. So I am joining in this campaign.

I can still remember seeing trams stopping at the intersection of Beach Street/Bridge Street/Prangin Road, the new names are Lbh Pantai/Jln CY Choy/Jln Dr Lim Chwee Leong.
The tram would have to stop at this junction when the connecting twin rods (don't know the technical name) dislodged from the overhanging cables. This happened quiet frequently when the tram negotiated the tight corners of the junction. The driver would have to alight from the tram, would pick up a long pole from the side of the tram to attach back the twin rods onto the overhanging cables. The whole process was an entertaining sight for a young boy then. You know without computers and tvs and what have you, life was so simple, that even a non-event like that could give pleasure to an innocent boy. Of course with the latest technology you would not experience such "misadventure" anymore.

Yes Penangites For Trams. And the benefits? Please read Anil's blog to-day. (

I sokong. What about you?

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