Sunday, May 25, 2008


No! It's not RoboCop. I heard wrongly. It's sugar king Tan Sri Robert Kuok. He tops the list of Malaysian richest persons with US$10 billion!

I don't know whether any Professor had coined the term "10-90 Syndrome". If not, then I may claim it to be my intellectual property. Actually, I would change it to "10-90 SINdrome". It's just like the pyramid. The top contains 10% of the sum total, while the bottom takes up the full 90%. The bottom 90% supports the top 10%! Top management takes up 10% of the workforce, but 90% of the wages. 90% of workers is paid 10% of the overall wages. 10% of the population enjoys life while 90% slogging away with sweat and tears.

Sour grapes, I suppose? On a positive note, we should also strive to be with the 10%!

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