Monday, May 19, 2008

Happy Vesak

The Birth

The Enlightenment

The Final Liberation (Mahaparinibbana)

To-day is Vesak Day. (You may have noticed the word "Vesak" is spelt either way with "V" or "W". Actually the pronunciation is in-between V and W.)

May I wish all Buddhists a happy Vesak Day. The thrice blessed day when the Buddha was born, gained enlightenment, and passed into Nibbana.

On this day, it is also appropriate that we reflect on the Buddha's reminder of the second phenominal characteristic of existence, and that is " existence is shrouded with unsatisfactoriness." At any time, anything can happen to us, both good and bad. May we reflect on what is happening right now in Myanmar and Sichuan in China. The wrath of nature has no mercy. So please take care.

Have a Happy and Peaceful Day!

(Read Life Of The Buddha HERE)

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