Thursday, February 5, 2009

Club Of No Return

Introducing the 4 founding frogs of the Club Of No Return.

JaMoRa, age 52 , former letter deliverer,
now high flier.

MoOsMoJa, age 57, former gun handler,
now shoot to kill.

HeYiFo, age 46, polio patient,
now standing tall.

NaHa age 58, former frog catcher,
now champion jumper.

See you come next Club elections!!


Anonymous said...

A true Malaysian is dead in blogosphere.

dr hsu said...

pls sign this petition to the sultan of perak:

I have signed and is no 2084

Justin Choo said...

Thanks Doc.

I am #2242

Li Li said...

I have signed.


dr hsu said...

everyone who read about this petition gets 2 persons to sign.

The petition may not do anything, but it will show the number of people whoare against this and show the true sentiments of the people..

Justin Choo said...

I did a "copy and paste" of the formatted email message to all my contacts.

cilyhot said...

G>A>M>U>D>A.This is the answer why the Sultan ia NOT neutral!!!

Justin Choo said...


What's that??

cilyhot said...

Justin,The Sultan of Perak's princess is the director of Gamuda Bhd.Your state CM,Mr Lim Guan Eng stopped the progress of work on the Railway project lah.Less profits.So I hope some one understand.

cilyhot said...

Justin,your number came up second prize on Magnum lah.Ada kena??anyway I am #3061.

Justin Choo said...


Aiyoh, did not buy 4D. But yesterday I did buy 3975 the number on the "permission" letter for my house extension.

cilyhot said...

Justin,3975=three turtles!not FROGS!!frogs=034!!!


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