Monday, February 16, 2009

I go to sleep naked; so what?

I go to sleep naked .

So what?

Want to take a picture of me?


romerz said...

Unbelievably nauseating!

Anonymous said...

Well if u are elected ADUN and refuse to jump for money or threats, pics of u in the nude may prove helpful.
Those we cannot buy, we threaten. Those we cannot threaten, we destroy.

Li Li said...

Sick Sick Sick of the comments by the Toyo fella.....

Really low IQ and I wonder how he managed to pass his degree ?

We have every right to sleep naked in our own house !

We have every right to bathe naked too in our own bathroom !

bow said...

Justin, sleep naked in your house is against bodowi's hadhari, moral police will throw your as* in kemuntin for posing a threat to national security and blasphemy to religion order.

Anonymous said...

Please forward your support to

We have to let Eli know we care for her and we stand by her.

Justin Choo said...


I just posted the comment:

335. Justin Choo - February 17, 2009
YB Elizabeth Wong,

You have my support. Nothing wrong or ashamed to sleep naked in private. These evil people will be crushed come next GE; but in the meantime the by-elections will send the warning message first.


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