Thursday, February 26, 2009

Internet Interlude

Picture courtesy of James Wong's blog
Nothing related to this post??

Just came back from TM Bhd.
Went to notify them of my impending change of address.
They told me that my internet connection would be disconnected in a few days' time.
It will only be reactivated one week after my new fixed line is connected some time after 10 March. So that would be at least 2 weeks.

So there will be a little lull within this period, just like those above!!!


A true Malaysian said...


I am obliged to put a few words here since I restrained myself from commenting in blogosphere.

I don’t want to see blogosphere losing a genuine blogger like you. You are definitely on the right track. “The Middle Ground” is still a suitable name that you should stick to. “Middle”, to me, carries meaning of “moderate” in whatever we pursue in our lifetime. It is inline with what Buddha taught us to practise.

BN and PR, to me, is like “Dacing” to me, and our role as blogger and blogosphere commentators are to “balanced up” this “Dacing” by slanting ourselves either to PR side or BN side. Some people may accuse us as “double headed” snake, but who cares? This is very common in 2-party system in matured democracy anywhere in the world.

So, it is just normal for you and me slanting towards PR side, as we cannot see light at the end of BN tunnel.

Keep it up, romerz. Please allow me to reproduce this comment in Dr. Hsu’s Forum and Justin blog so to highlight this to our friends and foes that I, “A true Malaysian” appreciate your efforts.

February 27, 2009 4:05 PM

Note : Dr. Hsu, I still personally think that you are not able to pull Gerakan out of BN. It is better for you to slant your weight towards PR to make the “Dacing” a balanced one, ultimately, by resigning from this party that you so sentimentally attached.

bow said...

These porkies or monkies are attending government functions or political conference? Seem like they have been working very hard previous night that they needed some times to snoozzzzzzzzzz off!!!! hahahahaha....


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