Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Three Bukits make a Mountain !

(Picture From Malaysian Insider)

Selangor executive councillor and Bukit Lanjan assemblywoman Elizabeth Wong resigns.

There will be 3 "Bukits" by-elections.

Let us ensure that the 3 Bukits become the most formidable mountain standing against the evil regime. May the 3-pronged attack be the "mother" of all by-elections. Let these 3 battles be the Wind, Fire, and Water; the Three Elements Of Nature. Let these three elements do their jobs to destroy the evils. Wind flattens, Fire burns, and Water inundates.

May the Good triumph over Evil.


[ I have just posted a comment in Elizabeth's blog:]
335. Justin Choo - February 17, 2009

YB Elizabeth Wong,

You have my support. Nothing wrong or ashamed to sleep naked in private. These evil people will be crushed come next GE; but in the meantime the by-elections will send the warning message first.

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Anonymous said...

Malaysia's next PM will be so PROUD that his country will go into Guinness World Records as the country holding the most Bye-Elections in Year 2009, yet lost all of them to Pakatan Rakyat.

Why is he so PROUD then? Look nice may be the answer.

Moo... said...

Elizabeth even if you resign and stand for the by election again I will vote you as in the last election.

Gracie said...

Justin ar,

Whoa, Elizabeth is one of my kind (though not as bare-faced!).

Ya lor, what's wrong of stripping off all naked?

When one is sleeping naked, one can feel one's body.... the softness of the skin, the sensuality .... the eroticism, the animal magnetism... the... err... nevermind...:P.

So, if anyone has taken pictures of me sleeping naked, I'd LOVE to have them distributed to the entire world. So if they call me immoral, I think it's COOL...:)


Li Li said...


I personally feel there are more news/photos than those reported in Malay Mail. It could just be the beginning of a vicious attack against YB Elizabeth.

It is a crime to spread/blackmail personal nude photo without his/her permission.

It is totally different case of those who willing strip off at nudist beach or semi nude for the modelling magazine.

Since the Malaysian police already have a case reported to them; the police should do all possible things to shut down the internet or the spread of these malicious naked photos.

Even for me, I will delete any emails if they are sent to me which contain naked/photos taken without the consent of the owner.

I am sure lots of us have received college students or malaysian models naked photos before. The best thing that each one of us can do is - please delete all these unwanted photos.

Whoever who did these to cause so much grief to Elizabeth, I hope they will be caught and jailed for this offence.

gk said...

Li Li,

Very wise advice. You have my respect.

Li Li said...


Thank you.

Unfortunately, like everyone's thoughts here - the cops will drag the issue until it turns cold. And the culprit will never be caught and go scoot free...

Finally, the actual victim will suffer in silence. For this case, it is YB Elizabeth.

I will not say that I feel sorry for her. * NO * .But I will just say - Elizabeth, go for your holidays and think deeply. After your short break, then it is the best time to come back re-freshed and fight back the ****$@%$#@$ evil, devils, malicious.... etc etc.

Now, there are more reasons to continue the fight against these people.

Say No to Dirty Politics.

Justin Choo said...

Dear All,

Have been very busy lately overseeing final touches of my new house. So much so that a regular visitor to this blog commented that I have not been posting lately.

This latest "blackmail" will backfire on the perpetrators.

As for me I will not take a look at the photos for whatever reason. It is not morally correct to look at these pictures.

gk said...

Li Li,

You know, Malaysian cops are not professionally run. They are not independent and a tool to their master.

In the end, Eli is the victim, people of Bkt Lanjan are robbed of a dedicated Adun.

It is important for Eli not to resign. No one has the right to impose one's values on others.

Please read this article from Khalid Samad, he is a wise guy from PAS.


Khalid Samad is the one we should learn from, not just PAS members.

bow said...

NO doubt in my mind M'sia police will not come out with a perp. any time soon judging from their past professionalism, this dirty politic trick has already claimed a victim name Eli. I hope Malaysian voters are smart enough to see her as a victim instead of culprit in a personality assassination attempt of ruling party.

Have a nice day, everyone!

bow said...

Justin, why she want to resign from her assembly seat, did she force to do that by PKR leadership or she just want to get out of Malaysia political scene or she can not legally hold on to that office due to stupid reason?

Justin Choo said...


You have got to be in her shoes to understand this. Perhaps more pictures are coming. The mental trauma that she is facing cannot be merely imagined.

The Indian PKR Adun is also subject to threats forcing him to flee and resign.

Not everyone is as fierce as the tiger of Jelutong Karpal Singh; as brave as RPK our hero; and as resilient as LKS and son LGE.

I will also melt if threatened. So you the Might Of ISA??!!!

Justin Choo said...

So you see, the Might Of ISA??!!!

bow said...

So Justin, you think she choose to resign is because of mental trauma and anguish she encounter daily after her naked picture is circulated, she needs times break from her office to recover, or she faced death threat from BN goons due to sleeping naked ?

Of course not many Malaysians are fighters like RPK , LKS, LGE and karpal in the face of death threat from BN goons, they are patriots.

gk said...

This whole thing of Eli issue, if want to trace to the root cause, is that many did not respect a woman's or a lady's body.

Just pause a minute, and ask yourselves, where did you come out from? From sky? From earth? No but from my mother's body. So, should we respect somewhere we came out from?

To those who involved, I must say that by doing so, you are not just being disrespectful to Eli, but to your own mother. You are worse than shit.

But, all in all, a woman must respect her own body first before other does. More often than not, we can see some women willingly 'sell' their body for $$$. So?


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