Sunday, February 8, 2009

Dissolve Selangor State Assembly.

(From Flickr)

The battle is lost. Go lick your wounds. Now learn from mistakes and not to be "over-confident" the next time.

What about dissolving the Selangor State Assembly!!??


romerz said...

Care to explain the rationale behind this call Justin?

Frankly I do not think the battle is lost in Perak since I think what the sultan did was unconstitutional.

However I agree that the way it is being handled now does not serve the PR cause.

They should resign 'under protest' and vacate the MB's residence and take the matter to court.

That way, they can hold the moral high ground that they have the people's interest at heart and still respect the sultan (no matter how wrong he is).

This is my humble opinion which I will be conveying to YB Liew when I meet with him in the next few days.

bow said...

What type of democracy this country practice? look to me more like a feudalistic system, sultan can dissolve any state government at will, what the use of having state constitution and referendum if that is the case, another laughing stock for the free world, go figure!! racist war lord is staging a coup to grab power.


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