Monday, February 2, 2009

One for you, two for me.

Nizar finds himself in a dicey position following
political developments in the state.
(Picture by Choo Choy May : The Malaysian Insider)

Looks like the Third Wave is coming to Perak, after Permatang Pauh and Kuala Terengganu.

One for you, two for me; according to BN (Umno).

Or is it "Game Over". Let's start all over again; according to Pakatan.

Let the Third Wave begin.


cilyhot said...

Justin,may I say something?Many people had forgotten that ALL the PR State Assemblymen had signed a document each to pledge support for the PR State government.These documents are solemnly verified and passed over to the DYMM SULTAN OF PERAK!!!Trying to do otherwise MEANS DISRESPECT to THE SULTAN.That explains why the 2 ADUNS are so undecisive!!!Lastly bravos to the brains of the PR side for such brilliant strategies and timing!!!!When it is confirmed that The DAP lady ADUN stay put,They make swift actions and rendered the 2 MIA Adun useless and trapped in no man land!!Atcually the threat to make 'missing men police reports' is a PLOY and our najis fell for it!!Someone in PR must be a fan of SUN TSU and KONG MING of the ART OF WAR and ROMANCE OF THE THREE KINGDOM FAME!!!!!PLease tell me who think of that!!I salute you.

A true Malaysian said...

Under circumstances of no one can be trusted especially 'Politician', cilyhot, you are right, many people had forgotten all PR State Assemblymen signed a document pledging support for PR State government.

Perhaps this shown the wisdom of the Sultan of Perak that very few have.

2 MIA Aduns and 1 lady DAP Adun have lost their credibility as far as I am concerned. It is better for PR not to have them.

Lim Guan Eng has my utmost respect in responding to the lady Adun this way. Read for yourself over here

Let's us whether these Aduns can come out confess 'the whole truth, nothing but the truth'.

Justin Choo said...

cilyhot and A true Malaysian,

Whoever is not a sincere politician, let's kick him/her out.

bow said...

As a Malaysian, you need to know who are these blooks that had no principle in life , frogging from one political party to another after got elected, just remember not to give them a second chance in next election, show them you are disgusted at their demeanor, end of story.

Elect good people to govern, kick politician to political party.

Justin Choo said...

Dear all readers,

In my entire life I have been consistent in my voting for DAP, even knowing that at times it stood no chance in winning. But I stuck to my political principle. I even cam home from KL to Penang to vote for DAP each time.

The power that BN had for so long is very cancerous. Absolute power corrupts absolutely, and for a prolonged period, it is highly dangerous; especially given the racist policy and the incitement of fear through lies and intimidation.


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