Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Are you sick and tired of all these???

Pakatan leaders at a press conference in the
State Government complex around noon

- Photo by Kinta Kid (via Anil's blog)

The Court of Appeal fast-tracked Zambry's case originally fixed to start at 2.30 p.m. - decision delivered at about 1.20 pm granting stay.

Court of Appeal (single judge Justice Ramly Ali) grants stay to Zambry. Does this mean Nizar moves out and Zambry moves in to SUK?

Nizar says Court of Appeal decision raises more questions than solving the Perak crisis.


Are we all very very very sick and tired of all these?????????

This is worse than a circus performance. At least a circus performance has a time limit.


A true Malaysian said...

What to do, Justin, Malaysia Boleh. Who is who is STUPID?

romerz said...

Yes I am but Justin don't let us be distracted by this circus. I need your help here.

I would be grateful of you could help me publicize YB Liew's appeal for Nur Aisha Sofia who also happens to be a Penangite. She and her parents need help and YB Liew is trying to help them especially her.

Could you kindly use your good blog to put the appeal message out?



Li Li said...

We are now very lucky that we have latest news from bloggers and You Tube rather than the Stupid Local newspaper.

Looks like there is a main agenda or conspiracy. But it is better there is a tug of war in the High Court.

Let the whole drama continue and drag on and more dirt being kick out. It is better this way or else we never know how all the rakyat money has been sucked dry.

PM said...

Everytime when I see this monkey Zambry I get sick and feel like peeing on his face. Seeing the bitch Hee I loose my appetite for...just feel like poking a bamboo spear into her cxxx.

Justin Choo said...


I have been unable to access my internet the past 2 days. Right now at the Internet cafe. Shall post once I got the access problem fixed.

Anonymous said...

Small things cannot let go, big deal is coming on the way!

From : celine

Justin Choo said...

Hi Celine,

At long last you have "arrived" to comment.

As I told you it's easy to make comment.



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