Sunday, May 17, 2009

What say you??

This came through email. Food for thoughts:

What about my version?:

The Aircon said Be Cool
The Fan said Keep Going
The Roof said Protect Yourself
The Window said Look Before You Leap
The Clock said Your Life Is Ticking Away
The Mirror said Take In Everything Without Prejudice
The Calendar said Your Time Is up
The Door said Don't Forget Your Car Keys

And I said Call For A Fresh Election In Perak!!

And Anwar said Call For A General Election!!!

1 comment:

A true Malaysian said...

Once and for all, go for General Election. Too much time and resources have been wasted since 308 and we still move around the circle.

But, who is going to listen to us? Stupid power is in their hands.

STUPIDITY is at play now, not SENSIBILITY, Justin.


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