Thursday, May 28, 2009

What is left of Jaya Supermarket.

(Photo from The Star)

"Jaya Supermarket" as it is today!
(Picture from Malaysian Insider)

I am surprised to read of the demolition of the Jaya Supermarket in PJ. And to add to the sadness the collapse has claimed 2 lives. I hope that the five trapped are safely rescued in due time.

I remember way back in the 70's it was a landmark in PJ especially around Section 14 and the Paramount Garden area. I was a young man then, just married and lived just a walking distance from Jaya Supermarket. It was the only place that provided some comfort and companionship for a homesick young man from Penang.

Things change, people come and go, nothing lasts for long; for better or for worse.

Farewell, Jaya shopping centre.

The Star did a write up on Jaya Shopping Centre on Jan 5 2008. To read click HERE.

(Picture from the Star)

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