Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Raise the White Flag!

The BN (more precisely UMNO) is not contesting the Penanti by-election for obvious reason.

At least this time they are not that stupid. It's better to run with its tail between its legs rather than be slaughtered!!


romerz said...

There are going to be some mighty disappointed local warlords. Now let us sit back and hopefully watch a 'rebellion' within UMNO!

PM said...

Umno cannot take another beating. Their balls have shrunk.

OR Is it is a psychological move to win sympathy from the ppl??

A true Malaysian said...

Stupidity is the name of the game that Umno likes to play. They used to throw shits to the sky, guess who kena the shits at last?

PM said...


Perhaps you should also raise the white flag for Myammar. Before we comdemn that country we should get to know of their behaviour and attitude towards that woman why the country is against that woman.

Find out the woman's involvement with CIA and also the reason why the church group from malaysia was bombed.

Many years ago I was with Than Sawe and got to know of the regime's behaviour. Of course many would support that woman who I just don't like even to mention her name.


Justin Choo said...


Like many, Suu kyi is known to me as a political prisoner. The regime is evil.

Perhaps you would like to shed some light on the other side of Suu Kyi not known to the world.

PM said...

Is there any difference between Malaysia and Myammar.

We have had lots of political prisoners over the last 50 years. The nonsense here equals or may even out weight Myammar nonsense.

Insn't the malaysian government evil??????


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