Thursday, May 21, 2009

Just a simple story.

(Picture from Datuk Hon's blog)
(Nothing to do with this post; just for viewing pleasure)

Nowadays things are getting very complicated. A very simple problem can be churned into a messy maze. We have been taken for a ride. Are we really that stupid? No, we are just not given the right to speak up; simple as that.

Just a very simple story in three lines!:

BN: We have the sufficient mandate to rule the Silver State. We are for the people of the Silver State.

PR: Hey! What are doing? It's Daylight Robbery. We are the rightful party chosen by the Silver State people.

People of the Silver State: Hey stop this Shit. Ask us then.

The End.

1 comment:

A true Malaysian said...


I seldom use the word 'stupid' as I consider myself not so clever. But now I can call these people 'stupid' because I could understand your "Just a simple story".

Stupidity is what in their heads.


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