Friday, June 26, 2009

Life is but 50 years.

Michael Jackson is gone. In just 50 years.

The Supreme King of Pop. The Superman of Entertainment. The Universal Icon that transcends race, nationality, culture, politics and whatever belief and idiosyncrasy.

Is there an elusive curse lurking in the entertainment world?

Let's see what I can recall of tragic/sudden deaths of well-known entertainers both East and West.

The legendary Zhou Xuan; the Movie Queen of Asia, Lin Dai; Bruce Lee; Teressa Teng; James Dean; Marilyn Monroe; Elvis Presley; John Lennon; John Denver; Karen Carpenter; Jim Reeves; David Carradine; and our local entertainer Sudirman.

A Tribute To The Supreme King Of Pop:

Michael Jackson : Beat It!


Gracie said...

Hiya Justin,

I had my left ovary removed on 5th June, hence cannot sit for long. Painful la.

So, it's another sign of aging! Hip, hip, hurray!

(I'm not out my head, but well, what the heck, I'm living a more carefree life now... no need to worry if I still have the sex appeal or not).

But today, cannot help but wanting to surf more news on Micheal Jackson.

I read in the Chinese newspaper that he actually had a U$500 million debt! What a 'jutawan hutang'!

I'm gonna find out more. Take care my friend.


PM said...

Time to go, cannot stop it. Make oneself happy and go on living. Life is short..why happy.


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