Tuesday, August 25, 2009

As simple as a KISS

Sometimes one wonders why we are so stupid. Don't we have a brain that is supposed to be for thinking and reasoning?

Can we do this?
Can we do that?
Can we wear this?
Can we drink that?

Just consider these 3 cardinal rules:

1. Does this action harm us?

2. Does this action harm others?

3. Does this action bring any benefit to our welfare?

Very simple. KISS!

Keep It Straight & Short!

Keep It Short & Simple!

Keep It Simple Sweetie!

Keep It Simple Stupid!


PM said...

Human brain works in a mysterious way. The distorted brain cannot see the right and wrong. What is right to others are wrong to them. Their rights have to be implemented no matter how much harm it is to others.

These are the fanatics in the likes of Hassan Ali and other idiots who are uncompromising.

As long as we have idiots running this country they give you a beautiful kiss but stab you in your back. Thats simple to them..

A true Malaysian said...

These people have no confidence in self-regulating themselves, some more want to regulating others.

Just wonder, who is going to regulate these bigots like Hassan Ali.

Maybe they have forgotten they got "akal" like what Atila told me, haha.Or maybe they have no "akal" at all?

Justin, don't know Atila read this blog of yours or not.

bow said...

It is really amazing in Malaysia, the more extreme the political party, the more votes it can get from the voters. It is supposed to be a simple equation, you get what you vote for in a government. But i seem like it is a very complicated logic for most of the voters here, until PKR come along in this long process of nation building, simple will always become difficult for majority of the people in Malaysia.

monsterball said...

Only God works in mysterious ways.
Human brains depends on your actions and deeds done..programming it to be what you want it to be.
For example...if you talk like a nut.....the brain will be nutty.
And another example.."TEAR DOWN THE WALLS THAT DIVIDE"..spoken by Najib for his Merdeka speech.
I cannot help laughing and he is a confirmed nut...protected by few...to appear smart.


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