Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Disposable Masks

Disposable face masks were sold at 30 sen each not so long ago.

Today, sorry no stock!! But wait a minute, they just happened to have a few left but procured at a hefty cost...so if you want...RM5 each.

Talk about human decency!

These people ought to be shot in broad daylight, for they are committing daylight robbery.

Sick sick sick!


PM said...


Is it wrong to follow the ways of umno and MCA. When one can makes money through swindling to feed and care for his family, he is considered a good son. Ha Ha Ha

They are potential candidates for mca and umno...

PM said...

sorry make

monsterball said...

I never wear mask in the streets.
To me..just avoid dirty vicinities..and crowds.
I am suffering fro the unpredictable weather more than anything else.
Few hours..so hot ..next moment thunder storm and rain.
That to me..is the sign of skin diseases creeping into millions..if not shorten lives of many thousands.

Justin Choo said...

I don't wear mask. My granddaughter has to when she goes to kindergarten.

monsterball said...

Thank you....but electric bills are getting more and more expensive.
UMNO have sucked up all our money...and with their famous lousy management..10 people doing the job that requires 3 ...we are paying for that too.

bow said...

Justin, that is not daylight robbery, since the demand is so high, and supply is lacked, the price will go up, consumer has the right to buy or not buying, it is a fair business practice. Take a look at those palatial government buildings and the public servant private mansions, whose money were used to build them, then you will know what day light robbery is.

Cheer! Justin.

monsterball said...

We are talking about essential utilities.like water and electricity...not a product.
Any good uncorrupted government managing such a wealthy country...can easily ensure the people should enjoy the simple things in life...with no pains...but in Malaysia..UMNO is smart to compare us with Japan and European high cost of living...yet ignoring the high salaries and advancements of those countries.
Per capita we are far far behind...because UMNO make sure Malaysians live backwards and are contented...to suit the backward Malays.
Malays are backward...because UMNO keep fooling them...dare not behave like food parents to wake them up..but keep pampering... which we know UMNO style of politics....too well.
Bottom line.it is UMNO massive mismanagements and dirty politics..plus their crooked corrupted ways to be so greedy....plundering and stealing...and all Malaysians need to pay the price....including those who voted UMNO in...for 53 years.

bow said...

I agree with that. Only a handful of Malay do not buy into umno racial politic. Majority of them still want to believe that notion without umno, Malaysia will fall into the hand of Chinese or Indian, no matter how absurd it seems, the rhetoric had played over so many times since independence that i just lost count and can even say it without looking at the script.

Justin Choo said...

Monsterball and bow,

It is called brain washing and indoctrination. Just as Lenin (or was it Stalin?) said that to give him a new born baby and he would turn him to be 100% ideal communist.

We are subject to indoctrination and brain washing too in the commercial world. If companies can succeed what else politicians.

The other day I saw an undergarment fair by Modernform. Yes not wrong spelling, not Maidenform. You see??!!

PM said...

""to suit the backward Malays""

Life styles differs, they like it this way. Living underneath coconut shell..not rat race but contentment and nothing to worry.

""because UMNO keep fooling them""

They like it and loved to be fooled all the time.

""UMNO massive mismanagements... greedy ....plundering and stealing.""

The malays saying "Tikus jatuh dalam beras"" If a rat falls into a tub of rice and becomes hungry..it is a stupid rat.

""including those who voted UMNO""

The chinese included, when being swindled by unmo politician, no complain... comes next election they still vote for them...but when they perceived being cheated by another chinese..they fight and fight. The chinese saying ""Eat Shit and Excrete Rice" thats how I describe them

Can any of you name an honest umno politician???

monsterball said...

Justine...I have decided to join DAP too.

bow said...

Even if we assume 13th election put PR into federal government, the prime minister and deputy PM will still be Malay male, as Malaysia constitution has mandated to take race n religion of the candidate into consideration, how is that possible any other Malaysians other than Malay can take over the country as claimed by umnoputra unless Malaysia is invaded by China or India, then Chinese or Indian will rule over this country. It is laughable whenever those umnoputra gangs open their mouths with such rhetoric.

Anonymous said...

Reading all those comments about how backward or poor malay in Malaysia had became after 52 years of independence are plain ludicrous. Wondering these commentators are trying to fool themselves, how many palatial mansions and top level GLC or government office are not own/hold by Malay, they must be talking about year 1957.

Justin Choo said...


Well done. It's a matter of time I too will join DAP.

monsterball said...

Justine...On second thought..I will not join....although I am a die hard supporter.
You see...my mission is to convince people to vote..change of government..and being known as DAP member may defeat my mission.
I wrote to LKS and wait for his reply.

Justin Choo said...


It may be better this way.

I don't think LKS has the time to reply you, for that matter to anyone..

PM said...


Is the DPM using the wrong mask? I have a feeling he is, as you can see he has been spitting and spitting these two weeks. Its stinks.. he must have being wearing a used women towel as a mask..

monsterball said...

For your information...LKS and I are corresponding regularly..whenever I seek his advises...he always reply.
I feel so bad. He is such a busy man...yet took time to reply.
I consider myself lucky.

aston said...

BN has 2 years till GE13 and then die a painful death. PR has 2 years to gear up to run Ketuanan Rakyat.

ruyom said...

If you are innocent, you must fear MACC - Malaysia All Corrupted Cops - and keep away from them.

Otherwise you would land up dead or your leg injured. Reason - you are not of the same kind.

Malaysia government motto: Kill the innocent and protect the corrupted.

kok said...

More and more scum are emerging in BN tools nowadays, it is amazing to see them outdo each other to be the scumbags of the nation.

vesewe said...

Babi Negara!!!

Even pigs behave more orderly. You behave like a pack of wolves and terrorise law-abiding citizens. If you behave like gangsters and you should all be locked up.

You are cursed already for shedding innocent blood, and you want to add more curses to your children, please carry on doing more and more evil.

Your highhanded actions are condemned by all peace loving Malaysians.

Previously people only fear thieves and robbers, now they have one more fear - to be taken to MACC infamous interrogation den, where they are not sure if they will see daylight again.

I will never vote BN as long as I live because I hate their evil and blatant lust for power and hope God will rain curses on them as long as they exist!!!

romsam said...

Gutter journalism practiced by Utusan, Berita and RTM is meant for the uninformed, extremist, illiterate, naive and plain stupid Umno malays.

These are in the minority. The vast majority of the malays are smart and they know the truth.

They will not fall into this Umno trap which is using all devilish means to start racial and religious conflicts in the hope that another May 13 will keep Umno in power for all eternity.

The malays in PR outnumber those in Umno.

If Umno has the backing of majority malays, there will be no need to resort to such barbaric and uncivilized tactics.


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