Sunday, August 16, 2009

Seeing Stars!

We are famililiar with the cartoon character seeing "twinkling stars" when suffered a knock on his head. Lately I have been suffering from this "twinkling stars" syndrome. No, I didn't suffer from any knock on the head.

As some of you may know, this period I am going through this "Internet Marketing" course, supposed to be hands-on guiding stupid people like me. But alas! I was in for a shocker. If not for a "guiding angel" sitting beside me, I would be lost from day one and would have given up, not because I chickened out but simply I could not continue because I would not know how to click on the right button!! Thank you Kok Wei.

So each time I came back seeing stars. Luckily I could find my way home safely, late at night usually after 12.

Come to think of it..the paradox of got to be a stupid teacher in order to teach stupid students like me. For if the teacher is too good, his mindset is that his students are as smart as him, or put it in another way, he expects his students to be that good to know what to do correctly. Can't we realize that those learning are those who don't know the subject? If we are already familiar with the subject, we don't have to go to class anymore.

Now that I have let off steam, I shall wait to see stars again, come next session.

What a life!!??


PM said...

Twinkling stars would fade away and replaced with adoring thrilling stars each time you passby the shop. The beauty of the face and the smile gives a fabulous feelings..a feeling of the first time one touches the lips of that beauty. In turn triggering the sensational love chi, shooting like arrows down your spine giving you satisfaction much sought after.

Be young again for a man is never old in heart to seek what he desires.

monsterball said...

I have had 2 months of difficulties in commenting.
Programmer came...spent 3 hours and charge me RM120.
Two years ago...I paid RM50..but that man is not available now.
Presently...I am seeing stares with my monthly electricity bills.
I have changed all bulbs to energy saving bulbs ...costing me a bundle..switched off so many lights...yet the bill is getting higher and higher.
All my life..I pay such bills punctually...and for more than one year ...I get bills for 2 months..and must settle within 14 days..or else power cut off.
You see....TNB is short of field workers and my bills are based on their so call average actual man come to check the meter at all.
They cannot beat City Hall.
I say change the government...and beat the crabs out our lives.

Justin Choo said...


Yes I got a surprise too when I received the bill by post, estimated use. This is the first time in my life receiving by post.

Your high bill may be caused by air-con and/or heaters.

monsterball said...

My reply with thanks went to the other post!!

bow said...

Learning is part of growing up. Sometime we don't need teacher to learn new knowledge especially when we are a grown up. Having a teacher is a good tool for quick learning while we are young. But the teacher has to be knowledgeable and is qualify in his filed of study in order for the student to reach that goal, without my high school and college teachers, i can not be successful in my later year.


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