Monday, August 10, 2009

A most unassuming lady.

Ever since I moved into my new home, I have been very fascinated with this lady who operates the corner coffee shop nearby. It is also as new as my new house.

Things were pretty quiet each time I went to the shop. But one thing fascinated me. It is this lady. This lady is a natural beauty without any make-up, with the simplest hairdo, always calm and relaxed with a perpetual Mona Lisa smile on her face, speaking ever so softly. Beauty not in looks, but in character. When no hawker wanted to sell anything in her shop, she would be dishing out Hokkien Mee while at the same time taking care of the drinks. Right now, since no one is selling breakfast, she is busy with her fried mee and bee hoon, every morning.

I can't help but observe her presence, for each morning I would have to pass by her shop while taking my grand daughter to her kindergarten.

I am happy for this lady, as business is now picking up.

The character of resilience! It is so pleasant to see such a person. My greatest admiration and respect for her.


A true Malaysian said...

If Justin says the lady is nice, sure the lady is nice.

What is your wife's reaction, Justin? You go to the kopitiam alone or with your wife? Hehehe

Humour, all ladies have their own charms, mine too. Can't imagine if there are only man in this world. Right Justin?

By the way, this lady's business is getting better and better after your free advert. You got share kah? Hahaha....Meet you there....soon, hopefully.

A true Malaysian said...


"Humour aside, all ladies have their own charms, mine too..."

Justin Choo said...

Anon & ATM,

Please read carefully:

"Pretty in character"

A true Malaysian said...

I read that. Sweet dream, sleep tight...hahahaha

romerz said...


It just occurred to me that you now live in a different constituency from the one you used to belong to on the island.

Have you changed your MyCard address and also where you vote yet?

I say this because I don't think your old constituency on the island will miss your vote that much but where you are at right now could need your vote given the demographics of mainland Penang.

I hope I make sense to you.

Anonymous said...

How can you tell a woman is "pretty "in character? Justin. I thought a woman can be pretty in appearance or inside, but never heard it was described in this way. Please explain to us you definition of pretty in character. lol!! I am sure you pay attention to her look and face first, don't deny that. haha..don't woory, every man does that.

Justin Choo said...


I have yet to change my IC address.

I think I need to do the above first.

PM said...

""This lady is a natural beauty without any make-up, with the simplest hairdo,""" This means she is pretty or beautiful.

""Beauty not in looks"" which part of her body..the earlier sentence said her face.. this means she has a body nothing to admire...??

But she is hardworking....admirable

It must be her face...your greatest admiration

bow said...

Justin , she seem not only pretty in character, also is a very hard working woman with great business intuition.


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