Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Maybank Boleh!

Maybank boleh!

This morning I went to the Maybank Autocity (Juru, Penang) Branch at 7.30am to be early for the AS1M bonds. I was most happy to be first on the queue.

Came 9.15, and I was the first to be called. The teller processed my application, and after waiting for about 10 minutes it went through and a passbook was prepared. I was grinning from one end to the other just like Mr Bean!!

Then came the durian! I mean the most feared thing to happen to on-line trading. The system hanged, and my payment was not effected. There was only 2 counters processing the AS1M, I was No.1 and the other behind me was No. 2. That's all. Close shop. All the rest can wait till kingdom come.

Two agony hours passed and still no connection. Lunch time, still blank. So the next logical thing was to tell the embarrassed teller to call me when (if ever) the line was connected and my investment completed. So I went home , expecting a call from them for the worst that my passbook was ready but "sorry all taken up, by the time the line was connected!".

By 3.45 the call came and surprised...I got my passbook with the amount credited!! As for the rest from No.3 to who knows how many....went home disappointed and disgusted.

Maybank Boleh lah!!!!!!!!!


PM said...

Hi richman..smiling wide...left and right. Good for you

Justin Choo said...

If I am a rich man, I don't have to go so early to invest in this fund. I should be having fun day in and day out, without a care of whatever fund the Evil government dishes out; who knows to con our money..

PM said...


You said it...why do you let the evil government con you.?

Is there any ways we can con the government or get their agencies assistance to make money..plenty.

Living among the corrupt, one has to be corrupted to survive. The honest and just suffers for money and these money... is there any difference...those earned through corrupted means and those earned through honest ways???. It is still money. Right..

If the government and their civil servants are not corrupted, it is difficult for the chinese to do business here in malaysia...right or wrong ????

Bribe the police $300/- per month as investment and you make thousand through selling illegal 4D...good investment mah.

Bribe the bandaraya 5% of pirated DVD sales you make thousands.

Selling illegal 4D and pirated DVDs are honest work. Don't you agree...They don't force anyone to buy...they have paid the license fee though known as a bribe.

Corruption or Honesty..pick your choice....just clowning

Anonymous said...

Since you know Bohong Nasional(BN) is an evil government, you still take your money into Maybank to invest in fund, how you expect not to have your money con?? or you suffer from head injury lately??

Justin Choo said...

Anonymous @8.32,

This is to tell you that I am also a stupid person!!

Anonymous said...

It is hard to understand Justin Choo, he refused to acknowledge residents of Faroe Island slaughtered whales not dolphin in his previous article. Justin is a graduate from school of Confucianism. he likes to confuse his readers.

Justin Choo said...


1.I actually don't know whether they were dolphins or whales. I received that through email and it was stated as dolphins.

2. In a way I am quite wise knowing that I am also stupid.

Anonymous said...

Someone want to mess up your brain, Justin. Some sicko sending you junk email from China or Malaysia to fool you. I received many email with stupidity included many time too, but i just don't put that in my blog. Many are full of craps. lol!!!!

Justin Choo said...


Since you said you have a blog, please reveal your blog.

Anonymous said...

Justin, i am a non partisan blogger, i don't have a political blog, just some general stuffs i like to write about, not political events or party.

bow said...

Justin, even you are not a rich man, i will still read your blog and make comment. It make no difference to me you want to invest in Maybank's fund or in Bumiputra's bank. I still regard you as my fellow country man trying to do his bit to make our country better.

Justin Choo said...

Thank you "Bow".

By the way, is your "bow" like bowing as respect, or bow and arrow?

Anonymous said...

Ha~~ Justin, i never thought of what bow is that, may be little bit of both or interchangeable between arrow and show of respect.

I can not log in as bow to post comment due to technical problem, so Justin, i will post as annoy this time.


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