Monday, August 31, 2009


It's been a long week since I posted my last thought. I have been preoccupied with building up my new "business" website; many new things to learn; and a lot of time wasted trying to figure out how to do things; very frustrating but challenging.

Lately the main topic in the local scene is "the cow head demonstration".

You would have watched it in Youtube. For me, I just watched for a few seconds. It made me sick. What sort of "head" this person has? Perhaps without a brain inside.

Do you need a religion to teach you some human decency and decorum? Where is your human common sense?

The worst is that, adding insult to injury, he is let off the hook.



monsterball said...

Cowhead maybe to divert attention on so many bigger things happening right now...especially MCA..Tiong's RM10 million.
Notice ..Lingam case...all forgotten.
Najib's Merdeka speech..."TEAR DOWN THE WALL THAT DIVIDE" is the best joke for a long long time.

PM said...


I wonder how malaysian will behave when you don't see all the nonsense happening in this country.

It becomes bored, right, nothing interesting to read, no spinning by the media, tv 3 dull news, police and macc also bored, out of jobs for some esp reporters, no MPs passing unduly remarks,all going on their daily dull routine,.... No kick.???.

The problem is cow created god who inturn created human with cow's sense
..thats why they have to slaughter that poor cow.

bow said...

Don't get distracted by cow head protest, PR need to focus on seeking justice for Mr Teoh. Nothing can be more urgent than justice for a murder victim who happen to be a PR supporter. It is just part of a switch and bait tactic in Selangor to create scene.

Li Li said...

Luckily, lots of Malaysian are aware of many things now. Thanks to You Tube.

Utter rubbish of the CowHead Issue. Looks silly and so obvious of one sided PDRM.

Justice for Mr Teoh.

Anonymous said...

PR leadership need to be reminded their supporters are intimidated, tortured and killed by authority hire thugs under the cover of federal agency, they need to come out with some counter measures to prevent this heavy handed tactics used against their supporters before all of them are terrorized into submission.

Anonymous said...

The goal of this "cow dung" group is to create an atmosphere for the reenactment of May 13th scenario to play out, by provoking Hindus Malaysians hoping for an emergency rule taken over by federal government, effectively taken over another PR ruled state in Malaysia, fulfilling Nazis goal of recapturing Selangor by Umno -BN.

bow said...

Malaysia has enter a whole new era of power grabbing by ruling elite after the deadly May 13th ethnic cleansing, illegal take over of Perak legislative assembly and its speaker seat, and murder of an opposition political aide to the following cow head protest.

Sit tight Malaysians,n enjoy your ride.


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