Thursday, December 10, 2009

Aiyoh!! No word to describe this person!!

From The Malaysian Insider:
{Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon said today that Umno’s decision to lift its suspension of controversial Penang Umno warlord Datuk Ahmad Ismail was insignificant.

“Is it such an important issue?” the Gerakan president asked today when pressed by reporters in Parliament.}

Aiyoh. I really cannot tahan. I was not going to waste time talking about this KaTaK, but what utter rubbish he had uttered again. His photo is not worthy to appear in this blog. The substitute is as above.


I am going to the toilet to shit!!!!!

And below is the message for KaTaK in Japanese with English translation KaTaK style!!


stephen said...

And just imagine way back in '69 we sat by the radio after the voting was done,rooting for Gerakan under Lim Chong Eu.We were voting for change.We cheered when they won Penang and made a lot of promises.And then what happened? - they joined Alliance in '72 and the rest is history, what a letdown.
Now they just listen to the overlords and diam diam.

PM said...

I also cannot tahan..lau Sai

bow said...

Aiyo! This is not a person, it is a frog, Justin. There is no comparison between the two, one is brave,jumpy and natural, the other is weak ,old and pretentious.

Roll eye !!

Anonymous said...

"Katak" is going to face another slaughter from ultra Malay racist any time soon. Tidak boleh tahan anymore.

:-) :-))

bow said...

Never come to my realization the 'frog' can be such a beautiful creature in digital image form.


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