Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I cannot believe it!

If you haven't read this news, here it is from Yahoo News:

[An Olympic weightlifter experienced a huge shock while practising for an event when she unexpectedly gave birth to a baby boy.

Chilean Elizabeth Poblete, who competed at the Beijing Olympics, was training in Sao Paulo, Brazil ahead of a meet when the baby boy was born.

Poblete said she had no idea she was pregnant although she did admit to feeling unwell at practice a week before the birth.

The child was born at six months gestation and remains in critical condition. It weighed just 2.25 pounds and measured only 15 inches at birth. The boy is currently on a respirator.]

I simply cannot believe it!


bow said...

Of course any intelligent girl will know she is pregnant by having different biological and physiology signs took place in her body and emotion. In this case, an idiot or retard will have no idea of her own self and possible signs, so it is quite believable .

Li Li said...

"In this case, an idiot or retard....."

Unfortunately, your statement above is very harsh and immature.

Many girls or women in sports do not have regular period due to the exercise stress they are having.

It is possible for a first time pregnant woman to be unaware of all those pregnancy symptoms if she is too engrossed in work or studies and for this case this lady is training in weight lifting...

bow said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Justin Choo said...


I cannot delete word(s) from comment because the blog programme does not have such feature. I would just like to delete the word "stupid", but since I can't I have to delete the whole comment.

People's feelings get hurt when being called name(s).


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