Thursday, December 3, 2009

The price you pay for being rich and famous.

(Picture from Yahoo News)

[This morning, Tiger Woods has said he is sorry, not just for crashing his car early in the morning the Friday after Thanksgiving, but for all of the "intimate details of [their] personal lives." Since he's asking for "the right to some simple, human measure of privacy", the 33-year-old golfer with the wholesome image did not reveal details of several rumored affairs.]

The above is a "copy and paste" from
Yahoo News . Whatever it is, the world media love it. The public loves it. This sounds too familiar. After all we are all humans, easily succumb to temptaion, especially when one is hyper rich and hyper famous. All it needs is for a trivial incident, (or is it accident?) to ignite the timebomb. And BOOM! "history repeats itself".

Haven't we read a million and one times about celebrities having a whale of a time and on perpetual "cloud nine" and suddenly BOOM!..... dark clouds and torrential thunderstorms!?

Wouldn't it be better to be just a healthy person, with sufficient income, to enjoy the simple joys of life?

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bow said...

The life style of rich and famous in USA is nothing to talk about, many are ferocious fornicators and adulteress, but they don't represent the traditional ordinary American value and main stream thought. Those values mainly exist in Hollywood, Wall Street and Corridor of Power in the Capital. These Americans make up mainly the "high" society segment of population in USA.

By the way, he is not paying any price for anything, except got a lot of media attention lately from his multiples lovers apart from his wife. Most of them only receive without paying through out their career either in ball playing or acting. The media just got all excited over a known fact that not even worth mentioning. haha....


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